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The 7 Areas of Mastery

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be truly successful in business and ultimately in life? In order to do this, you have to master seven different areas. Once you do, you will have a business that you’re passionate about and one that funds the lifestyle that you want to live, all while giving you your time and freedom back! Click here to download your worksheet.


Have you ever wondered what it takes to be truly successful in business and ultimately in life? There are 7 areas of mastery that, if you want to create a business that is something you’re passionate about and something that funds the lifestyle that you ultimately want to lead, you’re going to have to master.

In the upcoming series, I’m going to walk you through all seven of these different areas, but today, I want to identify them for you. I want to show you what they are, give you some idea of where we’re going to be headed in this series and then over the next seven weeks, I’m going to be guiding you through step-by-step how to master these seven different areas.


If you want to be successful in anything, I don’t care what it is, you’re going to have to master yourself. John Maxwell calls it the Law of the Lid. He says we all act like a lid on our businesses. Our businesses can never outgrow us. So if we stop growing, guess what? So does our business. What we need to understand is that we need to continue to grow, we need to continue to master ourselves, our habits, our routines, and our patterns. That way we are always growing and always learning, so that our business can as well. As long as we are growing, so will our businesses.


When I say business mastery what I’m referring to is the ability to design and plan out a business, something that you’re going to be passionate about and excited about. Too many people are trying to do business out of a box. I’m actually going to show you how to design a business that you’re passionate and excited about.


What is it that you’re going to do to get your message out? To get your brand out? To get awareness for what it is that you’re doing so that people call you, reach out to you, and want to use you for whatever service it is that you provide? How do we get the phone to ring? How do we get our message out there?

There’s a lot of different ways to generate a lead, but for most of us, we only need to be focusing on a few at any given point in time. We don’t want to be all over the place where we are an inch deep and a mile wide. We want to be focused on those few tactics and those few strategies that are going to work best for getting our message out there. I’m going to show you some different things that are working and I’m also going to show you how to identify both online and offline strategies and tactics that you can use to generate more leads for your business.


How are you going to approach the sales conversation? What are you going to do to get people from being just a lead all the way up to raising their hand, identifying themselves and saying “I’d like to meet with you. I’d like you to come take a look at my home/property and tell me what it’s worth. Or I’d like you to show me some different homes/take me around to look at some properties“? How do you get them to the point where they raise their hand and then ultimately how do you get them to the point where they sign on the dotted line and choose you as the agent to list the home or as the agent to help them purchase the home of their dreams? What is it that you can do? How is it that you can almost create (as my friend Nathan Dart says) an unfair advantage over everybody else? What are the different strategies? What are the different tactics? I’m going to show you some things you can do that are just going to blow the doors off of your competition so that they don’t even know how to compete with what it is that you’re doing!


Everybody wants repeat and referral business, but so few people do anything worth talking about. So few people know what it is that they can do to create this incredible experience so that people want to talk about you, they want to refer their friends and their family, and they want you to be the agent that everybody they know uses. So what is it that we can do? How is it that you can create a better experience in your business? How is it that you can even ask for the referral?

Most people don’t know how to ask for the referral and they come up with these cheesy gimmicks that maybe go at the bottom of a signature line. I’m sorry, in today’s world, that doesn’t work. It’s no longer something that you can just tack on to the end of a conversation because most people are going to see through that. They are going to think “oh, you just had an entire conversation with me just so you could get to that little tag line at the end of ‘hey I’m not too busy for your referrals’” The minute you go there, you blow all credibility you had.

We see tons of ads every single day. We have a sales BS detector that is super sensitive and if at any point in time, people feel like you’re just using a conversation in a way to get to a point where you can just ask them for something, you’ve lost all respect. I’m going to show you some strategies and some tactics that you can use to actually generate more repeat and referral business and do it in a way that people appreciate and are happy to give you that business.


How do you scale? How do you grow your business? At what point in time do you bring on that first hire or administrative assistant? What do you need to do to build a team? To maybe bring other people in so that you’re not the only one out there? You’re no longer a one-man or one-woman army, but you’ve now got a team. You’ve got a support system in place that can allow you to make more money and do it with ultimately less time and less stress than you already have. That’s what you’re going to have to figure out. You’re going to have to figure out if you’re even right to build a team. How do you know if you should build a team, if you’re the right type of person or maybe if you should partner with somebody? Or maybe you should engage with somebody else’s team. But at what point are you going to start to scale your business and how do you do that in a way that you grow in a healthy way, in a way that it doesn’t stress you out, it doesn’t freak you out, but that gives you more money, and helps you buy back some of your time?


How do you build systems? What systems do you even need? There’s so many systems you could build, but what are the right ones to focus on first? How do you create a system? How do you design a system? Can you just use somebody else’s system or do you need to create it all from scratch? What I’m going to do in that episode is show you how to go about creating systems, how to choose which systems to start with and identify some of the core systems that you’re going to need to put in place because I’ll be honest, if you want a machine, if you want a great business that’s operating efficiently and effectively, you’re going to need systems that undergird the entire process. Every part of your business is going to need systems that make it more efficient and more effective.

If you want to grow a wildly successful business that makes you a ton of money, but does it in a way that’s not ruining your life or running your life, you’ve got to master these seven areas.

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Travis Robertson

Travis Robertson is the CEO and founder of Don’t Settle Coaching, one of the fastest growing real estate coaching companies in the world. His mission is to radically transform the lives and businesses of people all over the world.
Recognized by Inman News as one of the Top Coaches in the world for Real Estate professionals, Travis has trained tens of thousands of real estate professionals across the world on high-performance marketing, sales strategies, scaling up, and team building. He is recognized as the leading expert for this new era of real estate. backlinkboss.com

Travis and his team maintain an unparalleled level of excellence and coach some of the highest producing agents around the world.

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