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What the top 1% of real estate agents know that you don’t

Most “real estate coaching” either

doesn’t work or can’t deliver

lasting results.

In order to deliver results that

transform both businesses and lives...

...A Coaching Program Must Have 3 Components:

1. Cutting edge strategies that work in any market

2. World-class support

3. Simplicity.

Unfortunately, most coaching falls into one of two categories: either they just teach you what to do or they just ask you how many calls you made last week.

But you’re smart enough to know that it’s not enough to just teach someone what to do. You need someone to guide you step-by-step and coach you at each step along the path to your goals.

And you also realize that having a “coach” just ask you how many calls you made or doors you knocked is nothing more than an expensive form of babysitting.

The truth is that most coaches don’t care. And the ones that do? Most don’t have a strategy that really works and creates lasting results. Their programs are either built around hyping you up or keeping you busy so that you don’t realize that what they’re teaching isn’t really working.

Travis Robertson &

The Don’t Settle Group


We love our members. We have a cutting edge strategy, developed in the trenches for over 10 years that gets results in any market. We have world-class support and coaching that can’t be matched in this industry. And we’ve simplified it all down so that you get results right now because we know you don’t have time to waste.

That’s why we’ve been called the most innovative coaching company for a new generation of real estate professionals and why we’ve been recognized by industry-leading publications such as Inman News.

It’s also the reason that our clients add up to 10 sales to their pipeline in just weeks and go on to consistently and predictably close an additional 3-10 homes per month and beyond.

3 Reasons You Should

NOT Do Business

with Us

We need to be honest about something. Unlike all the other programs out there, we’re not for everyone. So here are three reasons you should NOT do business with us.

Don’t Work With Us If You’re

Looking To “Get Rich Quick.”

Do our clients go on to make incredible money and lead incredible lives? Absolutely. But they also worked their butts off.

Just because we’ve simplified things down into a proven strategy that works every time it’s applied, doesn’t mean that it will be easy.

Our clients showed up coachable, decisive, and willing to do the work. They did exactly what we told them to do. They didn’t make excuses.
They pushed through their setbacks, overwhelm, challenges, and fears. They owned their results and earned their success.

Your results are 100% up to you.

Don’t Work With Us If You’re Not

100% Committed To This Industry.

If this is just a “side hustle” or hobby, you’re not ready for what we can do
for you.

Building a $150k, $250k, or $500k/year business (and beyond) takes commitment. Not everyone is ready to build a 6-figure business.
Some people are happy doing a handful of deals per year or less.

Our clients want more. They want to make 6 or even 7-figures in real estate. They want to have more financial freedom. They want to have more time with their families. And they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

So if that’s not you, we still love you, but you’re not ready to work with us.

Don’t Work With Us If You’re Not

100% Committed To Your Clients.

If you’re just in real estate to make a lot of money but you don’t really care about your clients, don’t bother reaching out.

While we have the ability to scale your business up quickly, we won’t do it if we don’t believe you’re in this for the right reasons. We believe we have a moral obligation to serve our members at the highest level and to get them amazing results.

You’re helping people with one of the largest, most emotional financial transactions they will ever make. So if your heart isn’t in this, no offense, but we won’t put your clients at risk.

However, if you believe in delivering incredible results to your clients like we do, then we can and will help you do that.

So let’s talk about who is a fit for our High-Performance Agent programs…


ARE for…

If you’re a real estate agent who is great at what you do, if you love helping people realize their dream of homeownership, if you’re passionate about what you do, we can help you scale.

You must show up coachable. We know what works and don’t have time to argue.

You must be decisive. The industry moves way too fast for you to get stuck in analysis paralysis.

And you must be resourceful. There is always a way for the truly committed.

If you’re ready to build a mid 6 to 7-figure income in real estate, then click below to watch our latest masterclass. In it, I reveal the step-by-step strategies we use to help our clients create the business and income they dreamed of.

You’re not alone in being frustrated with a hand-me down process that is failing you and everyone you care about.



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