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Don't Settle




You knew that your life would be incredible if you could live your passion and provide a better life for you and your family…

You knew that being stuck in a thankless, boring, low-paying job is soul-sucking and was not worthy of your talent. You were tired of the mundane, hamster wheel that makes each day no different than the rest.

You wanted to get out from underneath someone else’s thumb and take command of how far and how fast you could grow.



today’s reality...

Getting into real estate sounded as if it was the perfect solution to taking the reigns and making your own schedule while having the possibility to make endless amounts of income.

But being an independent entrepreneur is not as liberating as you thought. You’re stuck pulling relentless hours coddling each and every client, gathering morsels of potential leads, while trying to close a deal to make an income.

And those

“Insider Trade Secrets”

haven't changed a thing...

You’ve asked for help from coworkers and industry veterans for what’s worked for them. But they all have a carbon-copy system of hounding friends and family for referrals, cold calling, and jumping all over FSBOs.

NONE of their advice is giving you relief or solving the mounting problems that you’re facing.

You might even

feel like you’ve HIT

rock bottom...

Your entire day is spent drowning in maintaining a whirlwind pace. Your family is laying down ultimatums. No one is happy and to top it off, your business isn’t flourishing compared to the time you’ve given it.

Life isn’t amazing. In fact, it’s downright awful. All the optimistic hopes you had are now buried underneath worries, stress, doubts, and confusion.

You’ve finally found the

safe haven for your business

to thrive...

Travis Robertson & The Don’t Settle Group help agents exactly like you who are struggling with archaic methods and aides them with modern day applications that address digital lead generation and automation that actually increase conversion.

Travis’ clients are now achieving the lifestyle they intended to have.
They’re no longer buried under doing everything yet getting nowhere.

Bliss is now a


Letting your business boss you around is the quickest route to burning out.

You’re not wrong, or crazy, to believe that there is a possible way to get around an antiquated methodology that is no longer productive.

Our modernized strategies are revolutionizing both individual and larger agencies profitability to new standards by turning busywork into bankable revenue.

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