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Why You Need A Real Estate CRM

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Real estate coach and trainer, Travis Robertson, shares why you need a real estate CRM to manage your real estate leads. Follow along as Travis shares the five reasons on HOW and WHY you should use have a CRM for your real estate business. Be a successful real estate agent by capturing your leads using targeted real estate CRM software!


Believe it or not there’s still the majority of the agents out there who are not using a customer relationship management tool, also known as a CRM, or a database to manage their contacts and their relationships. OutlookExcel, a spreadsheet, or a Word document are not CRM programs, and neither are sticky notes slapped all over your computer screen. You need a legitimate database that’s there to manage your contacts and your relationships. Let’s look at five reasons why a CRM is important for you and your real estate business.


The first reason you want a database or CRM platform is because your ability to make money is tied up in your ability to follow up with the people that you’re ultimately trying to serve, whether that’s people you know already, people that are past clients of yours or people that you’re meeting on a regular, consistent basis. If you’re generating leads online or in any sort of volume capacity and you don’t have a database platform I promise you this: you’re losing out on opportunities to serve people that are getting lost in the shuffle because you’re not keeping in touch with them.


The second reason you want a CRM or database platform is for something we like to call context marketing. Marketing that you do needs to be in the context of the relationship that you have with people. Without a proper database platform or CRM tool, tracking those relationships and managing people in the context of the relationships you have becomes very challenging. The best marketing you can do takes advantage of the relationships you already have. As an example: let’s say you want to do something just specifically for your past clients. If you don’t have your past clients organized and categorized in some sort of software platform, getting the message out to them becomes almost impossible and takes a lot of freakin’ time. What you want to do is make sure that you have the ability to send out the right message to the right people at the right time. That’s what a CRM is intended to do for you.


The third reason is that the right CRM platform is actually going to help you automate a lot of your marketing and a lot of your follow-up. Let’s be honest, we get busy and the idea of following up and the “who do I need to email” and “what calls do I need to make” and “what needs to go out more” thoughts get really old. The more of those things we have to try remember the less of it that gets done. If you have a proper database platform with the right funnels and marketing programs and pipelines all set up in it, what that will allow you to get your messages out in an automated, consistent fashion. That will keep you top of mind with the people that you want to serve.


Number four, which we’ve kind of been touching on just a little bit but I think it’s important to pull it aside is this: if you want to stay top of mind, you’ve got to stay in front of people on a regular, consistent basis. If you’re automating, that allows you to stay top of mind. If you want repeat and referral business, you have to stay top of mind with the people that you want to serve and the people who you have served in the past.


Number five is this: at the end of the day many of you at some point would like to retire or at least maybe slow things down a little bit and a database is gold when you come to retire or when you want to slow your business down. If you don’t have a database, you have nothing to sell and what that database gives you is value that you can pass on to somebody you’re mentoring or  somebody that wants to ultimately takeover your area or your sphere of influence. At the same time, you get a nice referral fee that’s coming in on a regular, consistent basis allowing passive income as you start to slow down your career and maybe move on to something else. That database is the only asset you’ll ultimately have when the time comes for you to sell your business.

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Travis Robertson

Travis Robertson is the CEO and founder of Don’t Settle Coaching, one of the fastest growing real estate coaching companies in the world. His mission is to radically transform the lives and businesses of people all over the world.
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