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5 Things to Prevent Failure

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Every real estate agent is going to fail. However, the most successful agents have implemented safeguards. In this video, listen to real estate coach Travis Robertson talk about the five things that successful agents do to prevent their own failure. Instead of being scared to fail, take these simple things and use them to your advantage!


You can never fully prevent failure, but you can setup safeguards in your business. To go along with our last post that covered the traits of highly successful real estate agents, there are five safeguards that these agents use.


Number one: they put their goals out in public. They understand that it’s important for them, if they want to truly succeed, for somebody else to know what it is that they’re trying to achieve. Who can you do that with? Maybe it’s a coach, maybe it’s somebody on your team, maybe it’s your entire team, or maybe it’s a broker or manager or mentor. You’ve got to find somebody and tell them “this is what I’m going to be achieving this year and I want you to know because I want somebody else to be able to hold me accountable.


Number two: they focus on continuing education. Successful Realtors know that they can never know it all. Their learning never stops. They never feel like they know everything or they have nothing left to learn. Instead they’re always investing in continuing education, whether that’s classes or coaching or events. They put themselves in a position to learn from other people, especially from people who are experts at what they do. If you’re not investing in continuing education, it won’t be long before your business starts struggling, you start banging your head against the wall, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That’s the definition of insanity. What you need to do is focus on learning and educating yourself through videoslive eventsclasses, coaching or training. Whatever it is, you need to get yourself in an environment where you’re setting yourself up to learn from other people.


Number three: they focus on the power of peer groups. They understand that who they surround themselves with is ultimately going to determine the level of success that they have. They get rid of the turkeys, the losers, the people that are gonna try and drag them down and they surround themselves with people who are at their level or more likely above their current level. They can model those people. They can learn from those people. They can be inspired from those people and they’re always willing to be the student. They’re always willing to submit themselves to somebody else’s leadership and knowledge and expertise so they can learn from that in their own business and use it to grow and use it to to motivate themselves and push themselves to that next level.


Number four: they follow proven systems. There’s no need to recreate the wheel on every single thing you do. There’s a lot of things out there that you can use in your business on how to build a team, how to market successfully or how to generate leads. All these things have been done and tried before. There’s no need to go out and try to recreate it for yourself. It’s always great to come up with your own spin and make it something different and special to yourself, but in the beginning just get out there and duplicate what other people are doing that’s giving them success. Don’t try and recreate that wheel every single time you do something or implement something new in your business.


Number five: they find a way to get accountability in their life and in their business. Find somebody, whether it’s a coach or mentor or a manager, somebody that you respect, a leader in your life. Let them know what it is that you’re trying to achieve, make those goals public and then ask them “will you hold me accountable? Will you hold me to this standard? This is the level I want to get to.” You will have somebody else out there holding you accountable, pushing you and challenging you. Find a way to get somebody to hold you accountable to your goals and I promise you this: you’re less likely to experience failure in your business and in your life.

About the Author

Travis Robertson

Travis Robertson is the CEO and founder of Don’t Settle Coaching, one of the fastest growing real estate coaching companies in the world. His mission is to radically transform the lives and businesses of people all over the world.
Recognized by Inman News as one of the Top Coaches in the world for Real Estate professionals, Travis has trained tens of thousands of real estate professionals across the world on high-performance marketing, sales strategies, scaling up, and team building. He is recognized as the leading expert for this new era of real estate. backlinkboss.com

Travis and his team maintain an unparalleled level of excellence and coach some of the highest producing agents around the world.

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