What the top 1% of real estate agents know that you don’t


How to Approach Team Compensation

Compensating your team so that they’re happy and you’re making money is difficult and one thing team leaders screw up. However, if you follow these 4 simple principals of compensation, you’ll have a high performance team in no time!

How to Accelerate Your Motivation

Accelerating your motivation comes down to controlling two things: your attitude and your environment. You have full control over how you feel at any given moment in time. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control your response to it. Don’t let bad events dictate your attitude. Your attitude ultimately impacts the people you want to influence. Control your attitude and your environment, watch your life and your business skyrocket to that next level!

9 Life Areas for Goal Setting

Travis Robertson explains the process he walks his clients through in planning their businesses. Discover nine areas of your life that you need to focus your goal setting on to move your business and your life forward in the next year!

The 7 Areas of Mastery

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be truly successful in business and ultimately in life? In order to do this, you have to master seven different areas. Once you do, you will have a business that you’re passionate about and one that funds the lifestyle that you want to live, all while giving you your time and freedom back! Click here to download your worksheet.

Real Estate Marketing (Part 1) – Real Estate Lead Generation

Travis Robertson reveals the 5 stages of marketing that prospective clients move through as they go from being a lead to becoming a sale. In this video, Travis teaches how to master lead generation and shares 3 lead generating tactics that have proven successful. Use these tactics to gather more leads and covert them at a higher percent!

5 Signs You’re Ready for a Team

Are you thinking of building a team? Not sure if it’s the right time? If these 5 signs sound exactly like you and your business, you’re ready for a team!

5 Things to Prevent Failure

Every real estate agent is going to fail. However, the most successful agents have implemented safeguards. In this video, listen to real estate coach Travis Robertson talk about the five things that successful agents do to prevent their own failure. Instead of being scared to fail, take these simple things and use them to your advantage!

Real Estate Marketing (Part 5) – Post Sale Marketing

Real estate coach and trainer, Travis Robertson, shares the fifth and final phase of marketing: post-sale marketing. In this video, Travis shares tips and ideas on what real estate agents can do post-sale to stay top of mind with past clients and their sphere of influence. Learning these tips will lead to more repeat and referral business!

Real Estate Marketing (Part 4) – Real Estate Client Service

Real estate coach Travis Robertson discusses the importance of servicing clients as a part of your marketing strategy. How you service your clients is where repeat and referral business starts. Unfortunately, most real estate agents deliver mediocre service at best. Learn tactics and ideas for serving your real estate clients in this new video.