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How to Accelerate Your Motivation

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Accelerating your motivation comes down to controlling two things: your attitude and your environment. You have full control over how you feel at any given moment in time. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control your response to it. Don’t let bad events dictate your attitude. Your attitude ultimately impacts the people you want to influence. Control your attitude and your environment, watch your life and your business skyrocket to that next level!


Too many people wait around for something outside of themselves to spark or ignite their motivation. We call those extrinsic motivators. The problem with the extrinsic motivators is that they tend to come with negative consequences, right? It’s the heart attack that people wait for before they get into the gym and exercise or watch what they eat and they lose weight. So rather than waiting for something outside of yourself to ignite that motivation in you, how do you get motivated?

In part one, we talked about having an ambition that is so big, so exciting, so motivating and inspiring that you just can’t help but want to achieve it. However, you can’t have an ambition that’s so big that you don’t believe that you can actually achieve it. You’ve got to have a high level of ambition plus a high level of expectancy or belief that you can achieve that ambition.

In the last video we discussed how you sustain that motivation or how you keep it going once you’ve got it. We talked about the importance of focus and effort. We live in a world that’s filled with distraction. It’s becoming harder and harder to stay focused on those things that we know are important to get us to where we want to go both professionally and personally so how do we attack that distraction? You now know that you can’t just manage a distraction, you’ve got to attack it so that you can focus in on that effort that’s going to move you to where you need be. You’ve got to have that motivation day-in and day-out. Sometimes it’s going to be days of big strides, big effort towards your goal and other days it’s not going to be that and that’s okay as long as you’re making continuous effort towards what you want. That builds the momentum and that builds that excitement so that you can see the end of that tunnel, the end of the road, and the end of that journey. Then that ambition, that big dream, that big goal that you have for your life or for your business excites you and it keeps you motivated.


How do you really let your motivation take off so that it not just builds momentum but all the sudden just lights up and the speed at which you get from where you are to where you want to be just takes off? That really comes down to controlling two things that most people don’t either realize they have control over or never learn how to actually control. Those two things are number one: your attitude and number two: your environment.

Control Your Attitude

Most people never think about the fact that they can control their attitude. You can control how you feel at any given point in time throughout the day. Most people show up and they say “I’m just having a bad day” or “this guy cut me off and I’m all pissed off and now my day is shot and it’s gone to hell in a hand basket.” What they’re doing is they’re choosing to let an event dictate their attitude rather than letting an event happen then choosing their response or choosing their attitude moving forward. You can’t always change what happens to you. You can’t even control what happens to you a lot of time but what you can control is your response or your attitude.

Look do I have bad days? I have bad days all the time, but you know what? I sing songs in the office. I get people going. I get people excited. I have as much fun as I can have because it’s my choice and if I’m not enjoying this, what’s going to keep me motivated to show up when things are getting hard, when things are difficult, when times are challenging? If I’m not loving what I do and choosing my attitude when I show up at the office, it’s going to impact everybody else and it’s going to impact the rest of the team. You see, what I choose is ultimately going to impact the people that I want to influence. What you choose as far as your attitude is going to influence your clients’ attitude, the people that you want to serve, and the people on your team. They’re all going to read off of you and if you’re attitude sucks, guess what? So will your business, so will your life, and so will your relationships.

You have ultimate control over your attitude, but most people never choose their response. They never choose to say “if I’m not happy with how I’m feeling, I need to change what I was thinking about.” However, your thoughts ultimately determine your attitudes. They determine your emotions. How you’re feeling comes from what you’re thinking about, what you’re dwelling on, what you’re letting go inside your head over and over and over again. If you keep thinking about that jack hole that cut you off, all you’re going to be thinking about is just how pissed off that made you and that’s just going to make you angry. So if you just change what you’re thinking about, you can start to control the attitude that you have.

Control Your Environment

Your environment is everything from the office space you work in to your home environment to the relationships that you have in your life. Most people don’t think about how their office setup is ultimately going to determine how effective, ambitious, or motivated they’re going to be but it really does. When I first started this business, we were a home-based business. I was working out of a spare room in my house and it was fun for a period of time, but I started to realize that I wasn’t as motivated as I would be if I were going into an office. I realized it was time for me to get an office so I went out and I got an office space. Going into the office day-in and day-out really ignited another level of motivation for me. It started to accelerate that motivation, accelerate the business and accelerate our growth because I enjoyed the space and the space became motivating.

Is your office space cluttered? Maybe that’s something that inhibits your motivation. I know for me, I’m a tornado looking for a place to land. At the same time, I need an organized office space so I have somebody on my team who goes in and cleans my office space for me on a regular basis because I think better in an organized space. I’m more motivated in an organized space. What are the environmental factors that you need to change in your business, your work life or in your home life? If you go home and it’s chaos, that’s not all that motivating either. Look at the personal things that need to change.

Here’s the key to all of this: relationships. Most people never think about how the relationships that they have ultimately determine their level of motivation. We all have people in our life that, if we’re not careful, become toxic relationships. How many of you know people that have drama follow them around? It’s like every time they turn around something’s going wrong in their life. They are a walking example of Murphy’s Law. Problems, chaos and drama follow them. If you allow those people in your life, whether as friendships or as clients, they will bring you down with them.

Have you ever taken on a client that becomes super chaotic and turns into a nightmare? We all have. Those are the people that start to suck your energy. They start to draw everything that you have in you out like a vampire and start to pull your motivation away. When you start to clear out and control your environment and you start and get rid of all the bad relationships, you will notice a shocking difference in your business and in your life.

Right now I’m having a blast right now clearing out my Facebook feed. I’m unfriending people like crazy. If anybody’s posted something negative, they’re gone off my feed, off my wall. I don’t need that. I’ve got big dreams. I’ve got things that I want to do. I’ve got people that I want to serve and that I want to help. I want to be positive as an influence in people’s lives and I don’t need negative influences in my life. I encourage you to do the same.

What are the different areas in your attitude and in your environment you haven’t been controlling? Once you start to take control of your attitude and your environment, you’ll watch your business and your life take off. It will take flight in a way you can’t even imagine. That’s ultimately what I want for you.

So now you know how to ignite your motivation, how to sustain that motivation and then ultimately how to accelerate it so that what you want to achieve, that big ambition that we talked about in part 1 of this series, all the sudden becomes not just a big ambition but a reality. That’s my hope for you.

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