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10 Powerful Videos Every Real Estate Agent Should Create

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The power of video is something that I’ve been preaching for years – and I’m still a HUGE fan! These 10 videos have the ability to propel your business forward and generate tons of leads. You don’t have to create all of them, but here are 10 ideas for videos that I think you should be creating on a regular, consistent basis!

10 Powerful Videos Every Real Estate Agent Should Create:
1. Lead Response
2. Client Testimonial
3. Monthly Market Updates
4. Confirming an Appointment
5. Thanks for the Appointment
6. Property Tours
7. Happy Birthday
8. Neighborhood Information
9. Local Business Interviews
10. Personal Invitations to Events


As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of video. We’ve been preaching the importance of video for years and a lot of people come up to me and ask “What types of videos should I be creating??” They usually have one or two ideas of videos they can create but they don’t know any others to create. Truthfully, there’s probably about 20 or 30 different types that you could create, but I want to show you 10 of the most powerful ones that I think really make a big impact. They’re simple, they’re easy, they’re fun and they’re things that you could be doing on a regular, consistent basis to generate more leads, generate more business, and ultimately impact your business.


One of the first videos you should create is a quick video that is a lead response video. This is a video you can use when a lead comes in. If you cannot handle that lead right there, it’s a quick video that goes out that just says “Hey, I’ve got your information and I’m going to be connecting with you. I’m in the middle of a meeting right now and as soon as I’m done, I’ll get back to you. I’ll reach out to you and I look forward to serving you.

That type of thing goes a long way, especially for those of you that are like “I don’t have a team. I don’t have a group of people who can call my leads for me and sometimes I just can’t respond right away. What do I do?” If you have a list of these videos, such as one recorded for “hey I’m in a meeting” or “hey I’m just showing up at a listing“, you can have these ready to send out. All you have to do is fire off a text message or an email with a video letting someone know you got it and you’re going to get to him or her shortly.

It feels personal. It feels like you just recorded it for them because you do it on your cell phone. This is not a high production video necessarily. You can do it if you have more of a team type of set-up, but this is a very low production, selfie cell phone video that you have queued up so that you can fire it off. It feels very personal and it’s a great way of just connecting with a lead right out the gate.


A lot of you have heard me talk about this before, especially if you come to our live events or you’ve seen me speak somewhere, but I’m a huge, huge fan. We’ve been talking about client testimonial videos for years. Create a video of all of your clients, who absolutely love you, saying, “Travis is amazing. Travis is awesome! You need to talk to Travis. He’s the agent you want to use. He’s the person you want to use. And Travis, Travis, Travis.”

You’re going to use this video before listing presentations and you’re going to send it to all of your leads or potential buyer clients. This goes a long way. And when do you do it? You film it at client appreciation parties. How do you find out how to throw a client appreciation party? Go watch the previous video where I talk about client appreciation parties.


I’m on a bajillion agent’s email lists and I get monthly market updates for markets I don’t even live in. And guess what? They all send the same thing. It’s just stats and data. However, what if it was a video that, instead of just sending a bunch of stats, once a month you sent out monthly market updates? You could say “Hey, we just got the stats in our area. Here’s what I want you to know and here’s what it means if you’re buying, if you’re selling, if you’re renting, or if you’re leasing. This is what’s going on in our market.” Does that establish you more as a credible source rather than just blasting out data and stats in a big template email that every other agent is using? Of course it does. This establishes credibility because anybody can read the stats, but you’re now interpreting the information and that goes a much further distance. So videos are great for that.


Confirm the appointment with video. So you hang up the phone after “Hey! I’ll see you at your house Friday at 123 Main Street at 5 o’clock. Great, look forward to meeting you there!” then you fire off a video that says “Hey, I just wanted to send you a quick video to introduce myself to let you know to be on the lookout for some stuff I’m going to be emailing you over the next couple days and be on the lookout for some stuff I’m going to be sending you in the mail. Also, I just want to confirm the appointment.” You can also confirm the day you’re showing up to the appointment with video.


Let’s say you go on a listing presentation and right after the appointment, you walk outside and you grab your cell phone out front of their house and go “Hey Mary and Joe! I just wanted to say it was so awesome to meet with you guys! You have a beautiful house, you’re a wonderful couple, I loved meeting the kids and the dogs and I look forward to serving you. If there’s anything I can do for you, any questions you have, let me know. In the meantime, we’re going to get this process started. We’re going to get your house listed and I promise you this: we’re going to get it sold for more money than you thought possible and we’re going to get it sold faster than you thought possible. I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure we move this quickly and that we find you the right home on the back end of this.” It’s just a little quick video that you say thanks for the appointment. Do you think that would go a long way? Of course it would. Do you think any agent you’re going to be competing against is going to do even anything remotely similar? Of course not. Video is one of the fastest ways you can separate yourself from every other agent in the market.


These have been done a bajillion different ways, but they’re a great thing to do. We actually have clients that, on the days they’re doing open houses, do a quick little property tour like “Hey, I’m sitting an open today, why don’t you come by and check it out if you’re looking for a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home in this area!” They do a quick little property tour or a quick little video out front encouraging people to come take a look. Those types of things work very, very well in driving engagement because people like to see what the inside of a house looks like.


Use video to wish your clients a happy birthday. This is a great way of building a connection with people. Send a quick birthday message to your past clients or your sphere of influence. “Hey Joe, I just want to wish you a happy birthday! I hope all is well with Mary and the kids and I look forward to seeing you again. Take care!”  It’s a lot better than just a quick “Hey! Happy birthday!” text or a Facebook post like everybody else is doing. It’s a nice way of kind of extending the relationship.


Do a video on every neighborhood that you serve that includes great things that are happening in the neighborhood and put this out as a general information video. Neighborhood information videos are awesome at establishing local credibility and local expertise. People start to see you as the authority on that neighborhood.


I cannot tell you how powerful this is. Do local businesses need publicity? Yes! Do local businesses know people that buy and sell houses? Yes! Once a week or once a month, interview a local business that you really like. Feature them on your website and social media pages. Talk about their business and what they’re doing.

Who do you think they’re going to refer when somebody says, “I’m thinking about buying or selling a house.” They’re most likely going to refer you. Oh my gosh, you know who you need to call? Travis. He’s a perfect agent. He knows this market. He’s a great guy. He’s actually helped my business and served me and I really think you ought to give him a call.” Do you think that would go a long way? 100%. It’s a great way of just getting exposure and helping other business owners in the area. You own a business; they own a business, why not work together and share referrals back and forth?


If you’re doing a client party, this is a great way to invite people to that event. “Hey Joe and Mary! We’re doing a client appreciation party and I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you. We’re going to have food, we’re going to have drinks, and we’re going to have activities for your little rugrats and all of that. I want you to come over and just hang out with us and we’re going to have a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see you. Hit reply and let me know if you’re going to be there.

It’s a great way to do that or to even just invite people to lunch, coffee, or breakfast. “Hey Joe, we haven’t talked in a while. Can I take you out on Friday? Would love to buy you a cup of coffee or breakfast. Whatever it is, I just want to check in and see what’s going on and catch up with you. Hope all is good.” Little things like that go a long way. It’s better than a text and much more often viewed than an email. It separates you from every other agent in the market because every agent in the market goes “I don’t know how I look on video. I don’t like the way I look on video.

Look, get over yourself. It doesn’t matter. People are going to see you anyways so you may as well give them the heads up. Just get out there, get on video, and separate yourself from the rest of the market.

There you have it – ten different ways that you can use video. You don’t have to do all of them, but I’d encourage you to do at least 5, closer to 7, and ideally all 10. Now, let me know: what videos do you use in your market? What videos do you use in your business? In fact, do this: share some of your videos with me! Leave a comment below with links to your videos and share it with the community! I’d love to see what you’re doing with videos for your business and get some ideas because maybe some of the things you do aren’t even listed here.

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