Real Estate Marketing (Part 5) - Post Sale Marketing - Travis Robertson

Real Estate Marketing (Part 5) – Post Sale Marketing

Real estate coach and trainer, Travis Robertson, shares the fifth and final phase of marketing: post-sale marketing. In this video, Travis shares tips and ideas on what real estate agents can do post-sale to stay top of mind with past clients and their sphere of influence. Learning these tips will lead to more repeat and referral business!

Post Sale Marketing

Post sale marketing is the second area where most agents businesses fall off. How can you stay top of mind with your past clients and your sphere of influence? When most real estate agents wrap up a deal, what do they do? They’re on to the next client. They need to make money and they feel like that person just spent all the money that they’re going to spend, so they move on. Instead this is where your repeat and referral business begins. Here are a couple of ideas that our clients utilize to stay top of mind with their past clients and their sphere of influence.

Lead Follow-Up

The first is what we call our 1-1-1 follow up. Call all of your past clients one day after the sale, one week after the sale, and one month after the sale. Now I know what you’re thinking. What if they have a problem? I don’t want to get dragged in or sucked into a problem that I may not be able to fix. You’re right. You may not be able to fix it but chances are good that you know more about fixing their problem than they do, right? That’s what makes YOU the expert. Are they expecting to hear from you after the close? Chances are good they’re not. This goes above and beyond. It’s a great way of involving yourself in a big life decision and delivering beyond their expectations.

Provide Value

The second thing we would encourage you to do is send out valuable educational mail updates, email updates, or regular communication. This should be in the form of 27 to 33 touches to your past clients and sphere of influence every single year. One of our clients goes so far as to do 81 touches to her past clients and sphere of influence.  I know what you’re thinking…81 touches? Isn’t that’s spam? What’s interesting about this is she’s never had one person ask to stop receiving information from her because she provides value and she mixes it up. It’s not all email; it’s direct mail, client parties or invitations to things that are happening in their community. People love it and they find it valuable.

These are just a couple of ideas things that you can do to stay top of mind with your past clients. If you want more information on these five phases or anything else that we’ve covered, leave a comment and we will get back to you! You may also check out our resources here at, where you can get more information on us, our programs, our training or even our coaching program because we would love to serve you with everything that we do.

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