What Are You Grateful For?

Too many people spend more time complaining than they do being grateful. Instead of focusing on what they DO have, their days are controlled by worrying about what they DON’T have. Choose gratefulness, because being rich and miserable is not the answer.Free Coaching Session Schedule Now! Upcoming Events View Events »

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Take Off With Travis Robertson

24 hours in Las Vegas for RE/MAX R4 was amazing! Tons of meetings, time with fans, a member appreciation party (that got shut down by security) and so much more. Here’s a glimpse of what took place and what it’s like to be on the road with me!

Upcoming Events:
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices: Phoenix, AZ | March 12-14, 2017
ERA International Business Conference: Dallas, TX | March 19-21, 2017

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6 Deadly Sins of Direct Mail

Direct Mail can be an extremely effective marketing tool, but many don’t use it appropriately or to its fullest potential. In this video, I’m going to walk you through how you should be utilizing Direct Mail and how to avoid the 6 Deadly Sins.Free Coaching Session Schedule Now! Upcoming Events View Events » Sample Postcard […]

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Text Messages to Leads that Get Immediate Results

Discover high-impact text messages that will generate high quality leads and return immediate results. If you’re struggling to recapture expired leads or trying to improve your follow-up, this video is for you.Free Coaching Session: Schedule Now » Upcoming Events: View Events » Lead Generation Script Pack: Download Now » Free Webinar: 7 Strategies Guaranteed to Get […]

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How to Delegate

Free Coaching Session Schedule Now! » Upcoming Events View Events » ORR Process Sheet Download Now » Free WebinarBuilding a High Performance Real Estate Team Reserve My Spot » Often times, delegation is confused with just delegating tasks, but there is so much more to it. On a higher level, delegation is essentially delegating decisions. […]

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How to Hire Effectively

Many team leaders struggle with hiring and do so quite ineffectively. Often times, what’s missing is the key principles and processes needed to ensure a successful hire. I’m going to show you my very own hiring process and teach you how to create an effective hiring process that works for you. I’m going to tackle […]

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