This Is 90% of Success - Travis Robertson

This Is 90% of Success

Here's what I know: each of us is rewarded in public for what we do in private. However, most people aren't willing to put the work in when nobody is working.

My hope for everybody is that you can build your business that gives you the money you want and one that gives you the time that you want - what ever size that is.

We all want to stand on stage and collect the awards and be recognized for what we do, and yet most people don’t put the work in when nobody's looking. It's the people who, when nobody's looking, when the lights are off in the office,  are the ones who are showing up, making it happen, answering the calls, and being the ones who are willing to do the work that nobody else is doing. Those are the ones who not only stand on stage and get the awards and the accolades, but also get the gift of knowing that at the end of the day they have the money, time, freedom, and enjoyment from it because they busted their butts to make it happen. When everybody else was talking about it, they were doing it.

If I could give someone one piece of advice it's this: show up. Most people don’t show up with consistency. They want everybody to see what they’re doing, but when nobody is looking, they take it easy. At some point you have to pull that switch, slide all the chips in. Say "I have no plan B. Plan B is to make sure I make plan A work."

Are you somebody who takes it easy? Or are are you somebody who’s going to show up when nobody else is? The choice is yours.

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