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How to Hire Like a Pro

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The hiring process can be brutally painful, but it doesn’t have to be! Use this proven system to make sure you get the right person on board. Stop wasting your time hiring people you’re going to eventually have to fire!


I love talking about hiring. My hiring process is awesome. It has literally saved me thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars and days of my life have been regained. I’m going to show you exactly how we do it, exactly how we teach it, and this is something that I have not taught from a stage, ever. This has only been reserved for our private clients.

So here’s what we do. Here are the best hiring practices.


Too many people have the rapid hiring plan. They get busy and they go “oh crap! I need an assistant! I need an agent.” So they go “here, quick, fog up the mirror!…That was kind of weak, but okay! You’re on the team!” And they get them on the team and they wonder why that person sucks.

If you hire fast, you’re hiring problems and headaches and costly mistakes. Hiring fast is the worst thing you could do for your business. Never, ever hire fast. Every time I have violated this in my business or every time our clients have violated this principal, you know what we all do? We end up firing the person that we hired fast. Every. Single. Time.

It happens every single time you hire fast. You’re like “crap, this person is an idiot. Yes, they passed the breath test, but that’s about it. There’s nothing else going on up stairs!”You’ve got to hire slowly.


One round of interview is not enough. Everybody can bring their A game once. Bringing their A game multiple times is a lot harder. We do at least 3 rounds of interviews for everybody. And believe me, I’ve been in positions where I’m like “oh my gosh, I need people like two weeks ago. I don’t have a month to go through this process.

But you know what? I force myself to do it. I force our team to do it. And every time we go through the process, we do multiple rounds of interviews, and we weed out people.

I was just hiring some coaches a month ago. We were hiring new coaches and some people passed the first round of interviews. There was one guy in specific. I really, really liked the guy. I thought he was great. I put him on the short list. So he gets passed the first round of interviews and then I start following him on Facebook. And I always cyber stalk everybody because our coaches need to be positive, motivational people. So I start following him on Facebook and the dude just bitches and moans all day on Facebook. It’s always “my lender did this…my buyer’s agent did this…” Everybody’s got a problem except for him. Have you ever noticed that people who complain…it’s always everybody else’s fault.

All he did is this and so I cut him from the list. When he wanted to know why I said to him “you’re too negative. You’re like a cloud of piss poor attitude. Why do I want you anywhere near my team or my office?

He brought his A game on the first interview and if I had just hired off of that, I would have had to fire him by now and we would’ve had issues with clients. That’s not the way you want to do business. Remember, everybody you hire is representing you and your brand. You better conduct multiple rounds of interviews.


Leverage what I call the 15 minute interview. I’m going to teach you this tactic and strategy. It’s absolutely amazing. I’m going to skip past it now, but we’ll come back to it in a later post. But the 15 minute interview is the best tool I could ever teach you. And it is so fun. It is the most fun you’ll ever have interviewing anybody. You’re going to absolutely love it.


People go “wait, am I interviewing the spouse?” Heck yes you are! Why? Because if they’re married to crazy, you know what’s going to show up in your office? DRAMA. How many of you have ever hired somebody on your team (be honest) and all they did every time they walk in was complain about their spouse? They bring the drama in to the office. If they’re married to crazy, get ready for crazy in the office.

So if you can meet their spouse,  do it. It’s fun. If the spouse doesn’t agree to it, you do not hire the person. No joke. Because if they can’t pick a spouse, they can’t pick a client. If they’re bad at picking spouses, they are going to be terrible at working with your clients. Absolutely awful.

How many have ever walked into an open house with a Realtor who all they did is complain? They probably have a crappy spouse. I’m just going to throw that out there. Because they’re having to put up with them and they don’t like them. Right? So if you don’t like the spouse, don’t bring them into your office.


Every now and then crazy is going to slip through the cracks. It’ll happen. Every now and then crazy is going to get through. And when crazy gets through, escort crazy out the door as fast as possible.

See, by doing multiple rounds it’s going to be hard for crazy to get through the cracks. Do you see how that filters down people? Multiple rounds and multiple conversations start to filter people down, but if you get them in there, get them out of there as fast as possible, because they are a cancer in your organization. A cancer on your team.

If your culture sucks, it’s one of two persons problems: you or everybody else on the team. And they need to go or you need to go. Some of you need to fire yourself. It’s true. But either way, get the cancer out of the organization.

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Travis Robertson

Travis Robertson is the CEO and founder of Don’t Settle Coaching, one of the fastest growing real estate coaching companies in the world. His mission is to radically transform the lives and businesses of people all over the world.
Recognized by Inman News as one of the Top Coaches in the world for Real Estate professionals, Travis has trained tens of thousands of real estate professionals across the world on high-performance marketing, sales strategies, scaling up, and team building. He is recognized as the leading expert for this new era of real estate. backlinkboss.com

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