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Effective Strategies for Structuring Your Team

So you’re ready to build a team…who do you hire first?! Learn what the most common positions are and when you should bring each one on board!

Effective Strategies for Structuring Your Team

This is a compilation of the most common positions that you will find on a CEO model team. We’re not going to dive in to all of these, but I want to give you an idea of what they are. And more often than not, but not all the time, this is the general hiring order.

Now this is not a hard and fast rule. Every CEO model team is going to have a different structure. You could take the top 100 teams inside of Re/Max and you could say “Show me your model. Show me how everybody is laid out. Show me all the different positions you have.” And they would all be different. But you know what they all have in common? There’s one person at the top.

Now how they got there or how they structured it is often times a different journey and there’s a lot of room for flexibility. We can modify it and we can change it and adjust it based on what you want, but this is, generally speaking, the hiring order.

The first person you’re going to hire is an administrative assistant or a transaction coordinator. When you are hiring an assistant, you need somebody that is a little dictator. You do not want somebody that’s super sweet like “I’m a gummy bear. I’m so happy! I’m sticky sweet from my head to my feet!NO! You will run them over. You want somebody who’s like “HEY! This is what I need. Get it to me, you little loser!” And you’re like “Ahhh here you go!” You want them to actually run you.

You know who really controls the show in my company? We call her the Overseer of Order. That’s her actual title because I am a tornado looking for a place to land. And most of you probably are as well, so you need somebody who’s really great at those details and who’s going to hold you accountable.

So first you hire that assistant and then maybe what you do is you hire a second assistant. Maybe you’re bringing on a second admin or a second executive assistant, somebody to help you get even further because you just keep selling. Then you’re looking at your buyer’s agents. Start bringing them onto the team.

Next you could be looking at an ISA. You want to know the hottest position in a real estate team right now? ISAs. Inside Sales Associates. Why? They take all the leads and they follow up. They call and they pound the phones and they follow up, they email, they text and they do whatever they can to get ahold of people. They scrub every lead coming in. It is the hottest position right now because you can let your buyers agents go work with buyers, and you let your ISA deal with all the calls, all the contacts, and all the leads. You can get a whole team of these people going. You can build a massive team with ISAs. We are huge fans of those.

Then maybe you bring on an operations manager. You look at it and go “look, I’m a great visionary, but I’m not a great executive.” I’m not. I’m not a great executive. I’m not detail oriented enough. So we have an operations person. We have somebody who oversees operations in the business because they need to be the one who takes my vision and helps implement it. Most of you could probably use somebody like that, couldn’t you? 

Then maybe you get a showing assistant or a listing manager, or a marketing manager or a listing specialist. Start building out the team how you want, but these are the most common positions.

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Are the sample compensation plans for teams no longer available online? Thank you!

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