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Leading a World-Class Real Estate Team


Orly Steinberg is one of those people who, when you meet her, you just don’t want the conversation to end.

In 2018, Orly and her team did over $50M in Volume, helped 150 families and she personally traveled 4 times last year with the longest trip being 2 weeks in Europe.

The cool thing about Orly is that she is working to put her business on autopilot. Each year, she continues to do less and less in the business while the team takes on more and more.

It’s not about making the team BIGGER...it’s about making her team BETTER!

So I’ve invited Orly on to talk about what she’s doing to create such incredible results and how she’s able to deliver world-class service THROUGH her team when so many other struggle to find and train top talent.

When Orly and I talk, we get on a ROLL so there’s no telling exactly how much we’ll cover but it’s guaranteed to be A TON!

Here’s just some of what we’ve got planned:

* How she’s structured her team so she can travel the world.
* What mistakes she’s made in growing her team and what changes she finally made to create the team she has.
* How she gets her team members producing 25-35 sides EACH.
* The leadership strategies and style that have created such great success.
* The 3 major differentiators she uses in her market to create deliver world-class service to clients.
* And so much more...

You do NOT want to miss this interview!

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