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How to Convert More Listing Appointments

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If you want to ensure that when you walk into a listing appointment you’re walking away with the listing, there’s a few things you have to be doing. Whether it’s implementing a strategic marketing plan, creating testimonial videos, or mastering your professional listing presentation, you need to develop a strategy to stay in front of your leads before and after the appointment!


Converting on listing appointments are something a lot of agents could use some help on. Have you ever wondered what you could be doing to improve your conversion rate? Or how you can ensure that when you walk into an appointment you walk out with that listing? Let’s go ahead and take a quick look!


If you’re going to improve your listing appointment conversion, you have to have a specific listing appointment marketing plan. Now this is strange to people because they think “why do I need a separate marketing plan for a listing appointment?!” Here’s why: what do most agents do between the time they get the appointment and the time they show up for the appointment? They maybe call to confirm it and that’s it. That’s not what we want to do. What we need to realize is that you’re very likely not the only agent that’s going to be showing up talking to that potential client. So how can you set yourself apart from everybody else? You’ve got to have that marketing plan so you know exactly what you’re sending and when you’re sending it.


One of the most powerful things you can provide to people is proof that you’re good at what you do. Having a video of past clients talking about their experience with you, talking about how good you were at walking them through the process, at getting their home sold quickly and for the most amount of money, is incredible. That level of social proof is absolutely critical to your success. Trust me, nobody else is showing them these videos. When people see that, it just separated you from everybody else that they may be interviewing.


Send a certified letter or package to them. This is something that you’re going to provide to them where they have to sign for it when they get it delivered. Why do you want them to sign for it? Because it has a 100 percent open rate. Very rarely does anybody sign for a package and then toss it into the trash. Instead they’re going to go “what is this?” They’re going to open it and they’re going to take notice of whatever’s in there. You could include a nice little hand-written note, information about how you work, things that they  should have in preparation for your meeting, or whatever else you think is necessary. Let them know what you want them to do. That type of packet goes a long way in prepping them to have a better experience with you when you show up and again sets you apart from everybody else that’s out there.


Create a list of questions to ask every Realtor. This is a list that you’re going to put together for the client and say “hey when you’re interviewing a Realtor, here’s 10 questions you should ask them.” Now why would we do that? First of all, we want them to actually stump the other Realtors that are going to be on that listing presentation. For example if a Realtor shows up, they’re not going to be prepared for these questions and all the sudden the potential clients asks “hey what your average days on market? What’s the average days on market in the neighborhood? What’s your average list to sale price?” Most Realtors can’t answer that if they’re not truly prepared for it, so you’re going to have them stump the other Realtors that they’re interviewing. Plus, when you show up, you get to say “hey, by the way I sent you a list of ten questions you should ask every Realtor and I want you to ask me those same questions because you owe it to yourself to ask them.” It’s just a great way of setting you up as that agent who is knowledgeable, who’s an expert in your market and who can tell them exactly how you’re going to be able to help them. It’s a really, really powerful tool.


You’ve got to have a professional listing presentation. Why is this so important? I’m seeing too many agents right now that are out there trying to wing a listing presentation and instead of covering the key things that they need to cover, they just kind of go in, do a little small talk, and give high level overview of things but there’s no strategy, and there’s no clear path through what they’re going to be discussing and explaining at different parts of the process to the client. You want to go at different levels of detail based on the personality of the client but you’ve got to have a very professional listing presentation that shows them how you arrived at the price of the home, what makes you different than everybody else that they’re going to be looking at, and what the process is they’re going to go through if they choose you. All that stuff should be covered in a professional listing presentation and if you don’t have that you’re going to lose to agents who’re much more prepared when they show up then you are.


This is something you can do as soon as the appointment is done. Here’s what I love: video thank you’s. What you’re going to do is as soon as you leave, get back in your car, grab your iPhone, grab your Android phone, and record a quick video that just says “hey I really enjoyed meeting you today! Here’s what you can expect from me, here’s the next steps, and I look forward to working with you!” Record this video and shoot it off to them in an email before you ever drive away from the house. If you really want to do it awesome not only do you do that video thank you, but you also have a hand-written thank you note ready to go that you drop in the mailbox. A couple extra touches are really, really powerful and let them know you value their time and you look forward to working with them. It’s extremely powerful stuff!

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