What the top 1% of real estate agents know that you don’t


Leading a World-Class Real Estate Team


Orly Steinberg is one of those people who, when you meet her, you just don’t want the conversation to end.

In 2018, Orly and her team did over $50M in Volume, helped 150 families and she personally traveled 4 times last year with the longest trip being 2 weeks in Europe.

How to Hire Effectively

Many team leaders struggle with hiring and do so quite ineffectively. Often times, what’s missing is the key principles and processes needed to ensure a successful hire. I’m going to show you my very own hiring process and teach you how to create an effective hiring process that works for you. I’m going to tackle the common mistakes so that you can avoid them and get straight to building your own team.

How to Create Success and Free Time

Hear from a dynamic team leader and our client, Sandy McAlpine, who has completely restructured her business over the last year and has gone from working 80+ hours per week to between 24-35 hours. And…she’s set to EXPLODE in 2019!

How to Create a Predictable Income

What we find with the agents making $500k or more is that those agents know where their business comes from. They know EXACTLY how they can generate consistent predictable leads because without consistent, predictable leads, you know what you can’t have? Consistent, predictable income.

How To Build a Team That Does 100% Of Your Production

This interview will have the power to alter the course of your business and life. Jason Miller is an incredible team leader and coaching member who has done what many team leaders talk about but very few ever achieve…

This Is 90% of Success

Here’s what I know: each of us is rewarded in public for what we do in private. However, most people aren’t willing to put the work in when nobody is working.

My hope for everybody is that you can build your business that gives you the money you want and one that gives you the time that you want – what ever size that is.

80% Who, 20% How

80% WHO 20% HOW. It’s not always about HOW you can build for a bigger success. It’s about WHO you need to become so that when success does comes, you’re ready to lead.