What the top 1% of real estate agents know that you don’t

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Creating A Daily Routine

Creating A Daily Routine

Have you ever wondered how the most successful agents structure their days? It’s a question that comes up a lot so, I’m going to walk you through how to create a daily routine just like the top agents in the industry. Having a routine may be the most important step you can take if you want to grow your income. Yet so few agents actually have one. Develop yours today!

How to Convert More Listing Appointments

If you want to ensure that when you walk into a listing appointment you’re walking away with the listing, there’s a few things you have to be doing. Whether it’s implementing a strategic marketing plan, creating testimonial videos, or mastering your professional listing presentation, you need to develop a strategy to stay in front of your leads before and after the appointment!

The CEO Model

As you build a team, there’s two ways to structure it – as a partnership or as a CEO model. One of these is significantly better than the other (hint: it’s not a partnership). Discover why one person needs to hold the majority and the fatal mistakes that can be made by forming partnerships!

The Art of Mastering Yourself

If you want to be successful in both life and in business, you have to master yourself. If you’re not growing, guess what? Neither is your business. Take your life and your business to the next level by continuing your learning, attacking your distractions, and owning your morning! Click here to download your worksheet!

The Art of The 15 Minute Interview

If you’re thinking about building a team, the hiring process can be long, tedious and stressful. Take the hassle out of it by employing the “15 minute interview” process!

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