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Resourcefulness Strategies



As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you will empty the pennies in your purse into your mind, that mind will produce dollars for the rest of your life into your purse.”

Every real estate agent is short cash flow and time. That is exactly why our most successful clients jumped into our High Performance programs. It is a credit to their resourcefulness that they have successfully found a way to get the investment to pursue their goals and dreams. 

First comes the decision…then the money follows…

Every time a client finds a new resource, we add it to this list so it’s quite extensive and impressive how resourceful our clients get! Make your way through the list and schedule a call after you’ve resourcefully found a solution so you can jump into a High Performance Program and transform your business now.

IMPORTANT:  Remember that you don’t need to get all the funds from a SINGLE source! Most of our clients will use a combination of multiple strategies and sources below! You are only limited by YOUR commitment to your dream. Need help? Let us know and we’re happy to support you.

Many of our best clients thought they wouldn’t qualify for more credit but tried anyway! What they found surprised them. Even though some places had turned them down, others were willing to support them and they got approved for the needed funds. Many even used multiple sources below that added up to the amount needed.

1) Existing Credit Cards: Many people split the payment into several credit cards. You can use any number of existing credit cards to split up payments on multiple credit cards.  Many agents also have called their credit card company and asked for an increase in credit limit – it only takes minutes over the phone. Be sure to tell them it’s for a business coaching program to improve your income and your business!  

2) Apply for New Credit Cards: Type into Google “0% APR credit cards” and see how many pop up. These credit cards will have offers of 0% interest for the first year or two – meaning you can create your own plan to pay off the investment without incurring any interest! Here is a link to a list that our client’s have used for balance transfers in the past. American Express Blue Cash is also great because they will give you a credit card number immediately and usually offer 15 months 0% interest. If your credit isn’t great, you can search that same link for pre-approved cards for people with poor/fair/average credit.  Don’t have great credit? Try this link here.

Here are some additional links to cards you can try:

3) Savings accounts, IRA’s, other investment accounts, home equity line of credit. We’ve had agents who have decided that this is the exact thing they’ve been saving for so they’ll pull from savings. We’ve had other agents who have even paid the early withdrawal fee in order to get the money from their retirement accounts. If you have assets, use them! Let all of your hard work now fund helping you find your freedom for good!

4) Apply for Paypal Credit: You can take advantage of our pay-in-full option to save some money and apply for a 6-month no interest loan from PayPal. If approved, you can pay off your investment over 6 months without incurring any added interest. You can read and apply here.

5) Apply for a Business or Personal Loan: 

U.S. Options:

  • Upstart – They have an option under the purpose of the loan for Education – Take a Course or Bootcamp. This could be a real great option for you.
  • Lending Club – Also has an option for “Finance my Business”

  • Best Egg – This one can be used to consolidate your credit cards and then we could use them to cover the investment for the program. Then you could just pay it all off with your closings. You could also do this with the other 2 as well.
  • Kabbage – A very common financing platform.
Fundbox – Another common platform.

Canadian Options:

UK Options:

Good Credit:
Halifax, ASDA, MBNA.

6) Sell Your Stuff: Did you known the average person has between 10-30k extra stuff in their house that could be sold on Craigslist or Ebay. What do you have that you could sell?

7) Refinance Existing Assets:  If you have a vehicle, boat, RV, or other asset that you have paid off or have built substantial equity in, you may be able to refinance that asset and pull some cash out of it to invest in your dreams. We’ve had clients refinance paid off trucks, boats, properties and other assets knowing they can just knock it out more quickly when they build their incomes up.

8) Angel Investors: Many agents are uncomfortable asking for and receiving support, but there are often times people in your life who would love to support you in making these changes in your business and life. Who believes in you that could support you?  Who would invest in you if you were committed to improving your business and life? Perhaps it’s a gift or maybe it’s a loan. Consider offering them a real rate of return (such as 10%).

9) Bank of You: Sometimes our clients have big hearts and are usually the ones lending money to others. Is there anyone who owes you money? Call them and make arrangements to get your money back now.

10) Get Creative/Be Resourceful: What ideas from the above list work for you? Is there anything else that comes to mind?

You always find the money once you make the decision. First you make the decision to change your life!  Once you’ve fully committed to that decision, God will start moving your fear out of the way and help you get creative and show you how to make this happen.

There is a difference between spending and investing.  What the most successful people understand is that consumer debt and investment debt are different. Consumer debt is why most people are broke. It’s a sugar high. It’s something you buy to pacify you in the moment, but then it’s gone. Investment debt, on the other hand, is money that you invest in something that reaps a big reward and positive long-term impact in your life.

That’s what we’re talking about here.  We’re not talking about blowing money on things you don’t need. We’re talking about you investing in your dreams and receiving the rewards of that investment for the rest of your life.

It’s time to invest in what really matters.

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