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Chances are, you're great at what you do. You have a skill set you worked hard for. You might even have had some good success in your real estate business.

But there's a gap. A gap between where you are with your business and where you ultimately desire to be.

The problem? There's a difference between mastering a craft and being able to build a thriving business around that craft. Necessary skills like marketing, sales strategy, team building, system development and, most importantly, mindset, often seem overwhelming and confusing.

This is where most real estate agents get stuck. They're so busy delivering the service and doing all of the other tasks in between (Chief Executive Dishwasher), that putting the systems, the people and the processes in place to allow them to grow while regaining control of their lives seems like a fairytale.

We've helped thousands of real estate agents 
just like you.

My team and I have helped thousands of solo real estate agents and team leaders just like you to accelerate their business growth while gaining control over their lives. And we can do the same for you.

We offer a variety of programs designed to empower you to grow yourself, your real estate business, your team, and your profits. All of our programs are centered around this primary outcome.

We teach our students cutting-edge strategies for marketing, lead generation, and team building that really work.

This is why real estate giant, Inman News, ranked us as one of the best coaching companies in the world for real estate professionals. Our programs just work.

This is why we've had the honor of working with real estate agents and team leader like YOU to bring about massive and lasting transformation and results. 

So...take a deep breath and're here for a reason and you're in the right place.

CEO & Top Ranked Real Estate Coach

Travis Robertson is a business coach who specializes in helping real estate agents and team leaders rapidly scale their businesses and their incomes. As the creator of High-Performance Agent, High-Performance Team and The Real Estate Playbook, Travis has literally created the most comprehensive program for helping real estate agents build incredibly successful businesses of all sizes.

His passion is to help business owners transform their business and their lives by creating businesses that fund their lives, not run their lives.

He's the CEO of The Don't Settle Group - an incredible group of life-changers he has the pleasure of working with every day. But, most importantly, he's the husband of Lisa and the father of Londyn and Ayla.

Brandon Prewitt CEO & Broker/Owner

I Doubled My Business in 1 Year!

Personalized business coaching has truly revolutionized my business. My coach holds me accountable, challenges my thought process, and pushes me to achieve more than I ever thought I was capable of. Together we created a written business plan, set goals, put systems in place and hired the necessary people to to hit them. The result? I doubled my business in 1 year!

Jason Miller CEO & Founder

I'm Growing My Businesses While Working Less!

I first started coaching in 2012 when my life was just starting to get back on track. I met Travis at a retreat that I could barely afford to attend. Since September of 2012 he has been a part of my growth. From one team member to 10. 1 location to 2. Working every Saturday and Sunday to almost never. We have had 5 consecutive years of year over year growth together. If anyone wants to know what coaching can do for you just ask. I'll let you know.

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