PodCamp Nashville 2011 (With Surprise for Non-Locals) - Travis Robertson

PodCamp Nashville 2011 (With Surprise for Non-Locals)

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Courtenay Rogers Reply

So fancy, Travis! Love the idea and the enthusiasm! Thanks for all of the support.

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Thanks, Courtenay! Not sure why I didn’t get alerted to your comment… Appreciate the support. You should come on the show! You’d make a great guest.

Anonymous Reply

I love the idea of the live show! Now I know why you were testing UStream last night. 😉 Can’t wait to see what y’all put together!

    Travis Robertson Reply

    That was one of the reasons for UStream. I’ve got some other stuff in the works. 🙂 You’d make a great guest too if you’d like to be on the show for a segment. Let me know!

      Anonymous Reply

      Sure. I’m game. Let me know what I can do to help!

Dalerrogers Reply

Great job. I’ll look you up while I’m there and smile for the uStream audience. If you can get away, I’ll be presenting a session on Designing for Multimedia. Check out my blog entry for more information http://bitly.com/ihWrxr

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