I'm On A Boat (And I'm Speaking in October) - Travis Robertson

I’m On A Boat (And I’m Speaking in October)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a video and I figured since I’m on vacation, I’d use this as an excuse to not hole up indoors on my computer. 🙂

If you’re interested in attending BarCamp Nashville and would like to participate in my sessions, use the links below:

Session #1
The Entrepreneurial UnPanel: 4 Hot Guys In Underwear Talk About Starting A Business

Session #2
The Millennial Revolution: Why Your Dad’s Management Manual Belongs in the Trash

Please help me spread the word about BarCamp Nashville and my sessions (unless you hate me because I’m on a boat … in a lake … drinking a beer right now)!

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I haven’t done a video in a very long time. Did you like it? Should I do more videos? Do you think I suck at videos and should avoid being on camera ever again? Let me know below! Also, let me know if you’re planning to attend BarCamp Nashville so we can meet.

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Dani Heileman Reply

you are such a dork

Travis Robertson Reply

LOL! I am and I embrace it and own it!

Actually, I’m just doing what I can to catch up to your session registrations. Which everyone should go check out Dani’s session since she’s awesome and she’s going to light it up! Register for it here: http://ow.ly/2EUyc

Anonymous Reply

Haha! I couldn’t help but smile when watching this. You’re funny.

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