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6 Reasons You’re An Idiot if You Don’t Come to BarCamp

Happy Friday, Everyone!

This year, I was honored to be asked to write a guest post for the BarCamp Nashville blog/news site on why people should attend BarCamp. If you’re not familiar with what a BarCamp is, Wikipedia puts is this way:

BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences (or unconferences). They are open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants.

They’re held all over the world and, basically, anyone can talk about anything that they’re passionate about.

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you probably already know that I’ll be speaking at this year’s BarCamp in Nashville and I would love for you to attend if you’re in the area (links below).

My post was originally going to be titled something like “6 Reasons Attending BarCamp is a No-Brainer.” Boring, right? So I decided to have a little fun with it and wrote a post called “6 Reasons You’re An Idiot If You Don’t Come To BarCamp.” I hope you enjoy!

If you’re coming, I would love to see you at my sessions:
The Millennial Revolution: Why Your Dad’s Management Manual Belongs in the Trash
The Entrepreneurial UnPanel: 4 Hot Guys In Underwear Talk About Starting a Business

Let me know what you thought of this in the comments below!

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