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The Gap – Part 2 – “The Fantasy of Passion”

In my last post, I alluded to what I called “The Fantasy of Passion” – which is the ridiculous notion that if you’re doing work you love, you’ll always love it. In this post, I want to take the Fantasy of Passion and replace it with the Reality of Passion in the hopes that by doing so, you’ll be better prepared to appreciate the path you’re on (or will be on soon).

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The Gap – Part 1

I’ve begun to see a pattern in the questions I receive via email or in conversations and I’ve realized something: There’s a large and often frightening gap between where most people are and where they want to be, but they’re not sure how to close it.

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Do You Have a Sense of Urgency?

What kills me are people who lack a sense of urgency in a constantly evolving and quickly shifting marketplace. There is a delusion that a lot of people operate under that has them making excuses for inaction while wrapping it up in a nice little ribbon. Here are two of the more common myths.

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The War of Art and Entrepreneurship

In his book The War of Art, Steven Pressfield tackles the constant battle that rages inside of artists. Art, according to Pressfield, is war. So is trying to start a business. Have you ever considered the similarities between artists and entrepreneurs?

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9 Free Tools and Websites To Make You More Productive

Free. Is there a word that people love more than that? Probably not. Especially in this market. And when you’re starting a business, you better take a look at where you’re spending money and ask yourself if there is a more cost-effective (free) alternative. Working in the technology industry my whole career, I often take […]

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3 Reasons to Quit (And 2 Reasons Not To)

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt I was nervous – my heart rate was elevated and my hands slightly shaking. I stared at what I just typed into the chat window knowing once I hit send, there was no going back. “Yo. Do u have a few min? I need […]

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