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What They’re Saying

What Does A Standing Ovation Look Like Online?

Below are just some of the testimonials received from both conference organizers who have hired Travis as well as attendees of various events.

Speakers can be like Russian roulette sometimes, never knowing how it’s going to turn out. We chose Travis Robertson to close our event without ever seeing him speak before, trusting a referral. We played russian roulette and Travis absolutely killed it. Conversations continued for months after our event based on his closing session. I highly recommend Travis for your next event.

Thank you for rocking our stage my friend.

~ Brad Nix
CEO & Co-Producer REtechSouth

Few speakers can deliver a message in the powerful way Travis does. He cares about his audience and he engages with them. For all of the things I could say about his style and storytelling the best part of seeing Travis speak is how the audience always wants more. I will always have Travis speak at my events because he makes my life easier and makes me look good.

~ John Morgan
Author of Brand Against The Machine

As a trainer, I see scores of speakers every year. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m jaded and have extremely low expectations. I was at a conference in Nashville ready to leave after a disappointing day of learning when Travis took the stage. I was simply blown away. His delivery, his message, his stance, his attitude was close to perfect. I immediately called an organization I consult with and said, “Get this guy on the schedule IMMEDIATELY.” After this engagement, I’ve had the chance to get to know Travis. What an unbelievably nice guy! He’s one of the good guys in life!

~ Brian Copeland
Chair, Young Professionals Network at National Association of Realtors

Thank you so much for your insights on the upcoming generation. It really was a joy to listen to you. Your delivery is smooth and certainly given with a passion for the subject.

~ Rusty Powell

Travis spoke as our closing speaker at RETSO 2011 on the subject of the Millennial Generation. As a referral from a dear friend, I did not know Travis but will proudly admit that he is a Rockstar and he stole the show.

His knowledge of the Millennial Generation is very impressive but his stage presence and audience engagement skills were unbelievable. The crowd response was nothing but positive. I am glad he was able to speak at my conference and share his insights with our attendees. More importantly, I enjoy that we are now friends. He is a genuine person and I so respect that!”

~ Mike Pennington
Co-Producer, REtechSouth

As a speaker, Travis Robertson is simply incredible. He communicates in a way that is not only passionate and entertaining, but winsomely engaging and insightful. When Travis delivers, he hits you like a ton of bricks and you leave the room forever changed for the better. His content consistently demands reflection and action. I can’t attend one of his presentations without having at least five conversations about it immediately afterward.

If you’re looking for a speaker to challenge your organization and to inspire you towards the positive results you need, I can’t recommend anyone more highly than Travis.

~ Kenny Silva
CEO, in:Verse Leadership

That was one of the most fascinating and pertinent presentations NASP has had in some time. Add in your speaking and communication skills and it was superb! I will be recommending you to other groups and companies as there is not one company out there today who would not benefit from this information.

~ Cindy Hazen
Founder, Sales Executives Professional Recruitment

Dear Travis,

THANK YOU so much for being our keynote speaker today at our August luncheon/meeting of the Nashville Association of Sales Professionals. Your presentation The Millennial Revolution – How to Work with and Sell to the Next Generation was very stimulating and quite frankly, terrific! I heard many very positive comments about your engaging presentation following the meeting. Your command of the topic was quite evident as usually our speakers use a PowerPoint or other aids. This was particularly evident during the Q&A section when you gave detailed answers to each random question.

It was easy to see your passion and expertise in helping businesses and sales professionals use this eye opening information to make a decided difference in their business efforts. The effective strategies you gave us to use when interacting with the next generation in the workforce were very insightful and compelling. The awareness that you brought to this timely topic is very much appreciated.

Travis, I’m sure that many of the points that you made are ones that most of us baby boomers and even those younger than us fail to recognize when communicating with a Millennial in the workplace. In fact, my experience is that many sales people, business owners and managers rarely get professional training in this area. Our mission at NASP is to raise the level of our professionalism. Your advice will definitely help us all achieve a higher level.

~ Jon Sturgeon
Vice President of Programs Nashville Association of Sales Professionals

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones wrote, “You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things, the books you read and the people you meet.”

Hearing Travis speak and meeting him has proven to me just how true this is. His words have inspired, challenged, and pushed me to grow me in many ways. I know my business has improved from working with Travis but I see improvements in my life as well. If you are looking for a speaker who understands today’s challenges and offers innovative solutions for your business Travis will not disappoint.

~ Darne Ridgely
Keller Williams Realty

You did a fantastic job and I’ve received many compliments about your speaking style as well as the content. Great job! … Also, I’ve already started to put in to practice some of the great information learned that day.

~ Roderick Carrasco
District Sales Specialist, Pitney Bowes

You are brilliant, inspiring and insightful. I know you hear that often … What you said resonated and I think you might find you represent another new emerging type of business called “conscious business” plus the Millennial mindset. It transcends any belief or political system [and gets] to the core of creating solutions for the future and now.

~ Heather Utzig
Co-Founder, The Blue Avenue – A Franklin Covey Partnership

I just shot Jon Sturgeon a note to let him know that he hit a home run with you and to thank him for finding you. I cannot stress enough how enlightening and captivating your presentation was to me and many others.

~ Robb McDowall
PuroClean Rapid Response

You are one of the best speakers we have ever had, and I am really glad I came. I will definitely share this with our leadership.

~ Melanie Chapman
Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at Barbershop Harmony Society

Your talents as a researcher, writer, public speaker, and strategist are incredible. Thanks so much for sharing all that talent with us.

~ Rob White
Owner, The Geek in the Jeep

Awesome presentation!! You batted cleanup and hit a grand slam that day!!

~ Rigo Silva
Maximum One Realty

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“If you’re looking for a speaker to challenge your organization and to inspire you towards the positive results you need, I can’t recommend anyone more highly than Travis.” ~ Kenny Silva, CEO, in:Verse Leadership

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