How To Create True Real Estate Success - Travis Robertson

How To Create True Real Estate Success

Become a successful agent that can provide yourself or your family with the life you have always dreamed of! In this short video, coach Travis Robertson shares the FIVE traits of successful agents. Learn what you need to do to take make your business as successful as the top agents!

Finding Success in Real Estate

What does it take to truly succeed in the real estate industry? This isn’t just a moderate level of success. This means being able to succeed to the level that you’re able to provide the life for your family or for yourself that you want to provide utilizing your business. We have identified five key traits of those agents who experience an incredible level of success.

Be Committed.

The first is this: these agents have an unwavering commitment to their success and their business. Too many agents come into the business with the mindset of “trying” real estate and they’re part time, they’re sort of in, sort of not in, and not really sure if they want to make the jump to real estate. The agents who are truly successful realize that if this is a business, you can’t do it part time. You go all in and you dedicate everything you’ve got to the success.

As Steve Jobs once said “the difference between entrepreneurs who succeed and those who don’t comes down to persistence.” Persistence. It comes down to how persistent you’re willing to be when everybody else is “trying” real estate or “experimenting” with real estate. If you want to have that level of success the first thing you’ve got to do is become unwaveringly committed to your success in your business.

Be Excellent.

The second thing that separates the top agents from everybody else is they have a dedication to excellence. They don’t go in and try to deliver what clients expect; they don’t try to just meet client expectations. What they do is they try to raise the bar. In real estate, the expectations that people have of real estate agents, let’s be honest, is really really low. Just meeting client expectations doesn’t cut it. They figure how to be excellent at everything they do, from the service they provide to the communication they deliver; everything they do has to be excellent. Be honest with yourself and say “is this something that maybe I’m coasting a little bit? Maybe I could be doing a little bit better on?” If you can, do it. Don’t settle for anything less than being excellent in all that you do.

Be Quick.

The third thing that separates them from everybody else is they make very very quick decisions. That doesn’t mean rash decisions. That also doesn’t mean decisions where they just go out and they don’t do the research or they don’t figure out what the right decision is. It means that they don’t waver back and forth. When they figure out that there’s a direction that they need to go, they act very quickly. They make that decision, they move forward and they realize that you can always make a new decision. No decision is ever set in stone. No decision is permanent. Nothing can’t be undone for the most part. If in business you make a decision, you move and it’s the wrong decision, you just make a new decision and move a different direction. If you’re wavering, if you’re just sitting on the fence going “I don’t know if I should, I don’t know if I can..” you’ll be left behind. The world moves too fast. The industry is evolving at a rapid rapid pace and it takes somebody who’s willing to step up, to be fast in their decisions, and to trust their gut to move forward.

Be Focused.

The fourth trait of successful or highly successful Realtors is they have a compelling vision for their life and for their business that extends far beyond the next transaction. Too many agents in this business are transaction focused. Where’s the next deal coming from? I’ve got to get that next deal. They never looked beyond what’s staring at them right now. Successful agents realize the next deal is important but what’s beyond that next deal is even more important. They’ve got to have a vision for what is it that they’re trying to create in their life and what is it that they’re trying to create in their business.

Ask yourself this: why are you in the business? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why is this important to you? If you don’t know why you’re doing it or you don’t know where you’re going, you’re just going to burn out on your own business. You’re going to get exhausted and frustrated and it’s never going to be something that makes you come alive and makes you passionate. You want to figure out what’s the vision beyond that next transaction.

Be Active.

Number five is they are people of action. What they understand is they cannot wait for the conditions to be perfect before they make a decision to act. Too many people want to wait until everything aligns before they act. They keep waiting and waiting and waiting. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. If you’re waiting for perfection to act, you’ll never take action.  A perfect plan that’s still sitting on your desk where you haven’t taken action on it is never as successful as a plan that’s imperfect but that’s being acted on. A perfect plan sitting on your desk isn’t doing anything for you.

Ask yourself “are you a person of action” or “are you somebody that does the ready, aim, aim, aim and never quite pulls that trigger?” Be somebody who pulls the trigger knowing that you’re never gonna have perfect aim before you fire.

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