Love the Journey and You'll Get the Destination - Travis Robertson

Love the Journey and You’ll Get the Destination

Too many people want the destination, but aren’t willing to take the journey to get there. However, any destination worth reaching won’t have a short cut. You have to be willing to put in the work and the effort to get there if you want the end destination. It’s the journey that transforms your life and your business into something to be proud of and something that is worth having. You have to be willing to step off of the sidelines and into the front lines if you want to make the headlines. If you want something truly great in life, you have to commit to the journey that it is going to take to get there. Everybody has a level of greatness inside of them. Be willing to discover your own greatness and don’t stop until you get there!

Love the Journey and You’ll Get the Destination

Think about this: how many people want to get to the destination without taking the journey?

You’ve heard it before…”the destination requires the journey“. In life, there’s so many people that are looking at the destination and they want to shortcut their way to that destination. They want to jump in a helicopter, fly to the destination, jump out and bypass the whole journey. The problem is that they’re missing out on what it really takes to be successful. What it really takes to get to the destination is that journey.

The Journey

The journey is more about who you’re becoming than where you’re going. In the process of getting to that destination, rather than short cutting it, rather than trying to circumvent the journey, enjoy it. Enjoy the process that you’re on. Some people settle for standing on the sidelines. They let life pass them by while they’re standing on the sidelines looking at everything thinking “gosh I wish I could get to where I want to be but the work that it’s going to take to get there scares me. It’s challenging, it’s difficult, and it’s hard.”

And it is, but here’s the truth: if you want something truly great in life, it’s going to take a great journey to get there. It’s going to be a hard journey, a difficult journey, a challenging journey, but that journey is going to shape you. It’s going to mold you, it’s going to make you into somebody that you’re not and who you’re becoming in that process will ultimately mean more to you then what you get at the end of that journey.

The Destination

The destination is great, but it’s that that person that we become in the pursuit of that destination that ultimately fulfills us and we can look back and say “I enjoyed this journey…this journey made me who I am today.” Do you necessarily want to go back to relive every part of it? No, not necessarily, but that journey is interesting and that journey is a part of who we are and shapes who we become.

Better Safe Than Sorry?

People say this all the time: well it’s better safe than sorry. Is that really what we’re looking for? Are we looking for safety or is sorry really the safety? Too many people live their lives in the confines of what’s safe and what’s not safe. Those are the people that are going to get to the end of their lives and they’re going to be filled with regret and that regret is going to haunt them. That regret is going to be filled with the “what ifs” and the “I should have done this” and it’s going to haunt them. That doesn’t sound safe or even interesting at all.

At some point, you have to step off the sidelines, get in the front lines if you ultimately want to create headlines. You’ve got to move from the sidelines to the front lines. And in the front lines, it’s going to be hard. There’s going to be dangers, there’s going to be risk, and there’s going to be the chance of failure, right? But ultimately that journey, that process, that pushing, that striving is going to make you great and it’s going to allow you to accomplish great things.

Everybody has a level of greatness, something that you’re shooting for. Move from the sidelines to the front lines and in that process, in staying on the front lines, pushing day in and day out, ultimately that’s how you are going to make headlines in your business and in your life. Don’t try and get rid of the journey just to get to the destination because that destination won’t mean nearly as much if you don’t go through that journey.

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