Life of Adventure or Illusion of Safety - Travis Robertson

Life of Adventure or Illusion of Safety

When we’ve let fear or doubt in, we often feel alone. Like we’re the only person on the planet who can’t get it together. That’s why this message is so important. You are not alone. Travis Robertson provides his call to action. It’s for you. It’s for your friends, your family, your co-workers or anyone else you think needs to take action on a dream. Don’t settle for normal. Live the life of adventure that you’ve always dreamed about.

Life of Adventure or Illusion of Safety

Your life was meant to be an adventure. It was meant to be lived with some level of excitement and thrill, but too many people have traded that life of adventure for this illusion of safety. They’ve traded their adventurous spirit for this illusion that if they set up their life correctly, they will have a safe life. It’s the idea that they can have a life that is free of risk, free of fear, and free of doubt. However, that’s all done at the sacrifice of this adventure that we are all supposed to be on. 

The African Impala

If you don’t know anything about this animal, you soon will. The African impala has the ability to jump about ten feet vertically and it can jump distances of upwards of thirty feet. You would think that if you’re a zookeeper, you’d have a really hard time keeping this animal in a cage, right? In reality, it’s actually very easy. If you’ve ever visited a zoo and seen this animal, what you’ll notice is this: all it takes is a three foot wall to keep the animal it place.  If you’re like most people, you’re looking at this animal and you’re thinking “JUMP! For crying out loud! JUMP! You can get over this wall!” But the animal stays in its cage. Why won’t it jump?  The African impala will not jump if it can’t see where its feet are going to land. See, to the impala, it’s not about the height of the jump, it’s about whether it can see where its feet are going to land. To many of us are like that African impala. 

Safety is Comfortable

We look at life, we look at risk, and we look at that jump that we know we need to take too cautiously. We are too afraid of leaving the safety of the ground because we can’t see where our feet are going to land or what’s going to be in front of us. As a result, we lose out on this life, this adventure, that we all have this God-given desire inside of each and every one of us to pursue something more. If we want to get to that next place in our lives, that journey, that adventure that we want to be on, we have to be willing to take that jump.


The pursuit, or jump, requires risk. It requires not being able to see where our feet are going to land. It takes a lot of courage. Then, when you finally say “I’m going to do it. I’m actually going to take this jump” all the sudden everybody around you starts calling you crazy, stupid, foolish, an idiot or insane. And you know what? If there’s one thing to realize it your life it’s this: call me crazy, call me stupid, call me foolish, call me insane, but don’t call me normal. Don’t be normal. Don’t  be the person stuck on the ground too afraid to climb up to where you want to go. That climb isn’t going to be easy. On the way up, people are going to tell you from the safety of the ground that you’re an idiot. You’re crazy. You’re stupid. You’re foolish. And there are going to be times on that climb that you’re going to think “well maybe I am. Maybe I am an idiot, maybe I am stupid. This is hard. This is foolish. This is scary.


The people on the ground are not going to have the fears. They’re not going to have the doubts. They’re not going to have the struggle and they’re not going to have the heartache. But you know what they will never have if you keep climbing? Your view. When you get to the top, when you reach that level, that journey, that destination, you will have an amazing view. You will have a life that’s changed, that’s different, and that’s filled with accomplishment. You did it. You made it. You took the journey. You worked hard and you struggled. You did everything that nobody else was willing to do. And maybe you were crazy. Maybe you were foolish. But you know what? The view from where you’re at is absolutely amazing. 

Don’t Settle

You see, too many people have this idea that they can settle for average, that they can settle for normal. It’s the people who say “I’m not going to settle. I’m not going to quit, I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to be normal. I’m not going to be average” that make the biggest difference.  Those are the people, the men, and the women who change our world. You can’t have a life of adventure without leaving the safety of the shore. You’ve got to lose sight of the shore to gain a view of that journey and that adventure and that destination that you want to get to. It’s inside of each and every one of you. If you are reading this, it’s inside of you right now. What you need to remember is this: don’t ever settle. Don’t settle for normal. Don’t settle for average. Don’t settle for a life or an illusion of safety at the expense of the adventure you’re called to be on.

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Hans Bruhner Reply

That was awesome. I have always said that people who so focused on protecting the life they have are not really living. I also like that you had no bloopers because you were so focused and passionate about your message. The Impala reference was spot on.

btw, there is a typo in the 2nd paragraph, you say the Impala can jump upwards of third feet.

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Thanks so much. We’ll get the typo fixed. I appreciate you pointing that out. I’m also glad you noticed about the bloopers. 😉

Joe Scanlon Reply

Thanks Travis. The timing of his message was perfect. I needed to hear this now!

John Daly Reply

Great video and message Travis. And not a word about Real Estate. We
have met through CRS. I have always lived my life like this. I am 70
now and in my 33 year of Real Estate. And I have traveled in more than
50 countries. Hitch-hiked across North Africa from Morocco to Egypt.
Next year we have rented a villa on the ocean in Corsica and taking the
family. And I have pursued my passion for Photography and sold my art.
Every word you said rang true with me. Keep putting out the “no Limits”


    Travis Robertson Reply

    I know who you are, John! What amazing experiences and stories! I’ve seen your photographs and they are stunning. It’s great that you’ve been able to live such an adventure and use your business to fund the experiences.

Julie Anglesey Reply

Love this message! Thank you!

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