How To Finish Your Year Strong - Travis Robertson

How To Finish Your Year Strong

Real estate coach and trainer, Travis Robertson, shares his ideas on how to finish the year strong! The real estate transactions you plan and complete in the final quarter of this year will directly impact the start of 2015. Nurture leads, close deals, and finish strong!

Finish Strong

It is currently mid-October, meaning you have 4 to 6 weeks left to put deals together that are going to affect this year’s goals. If you’re looking to finish the year strong and set up for a great 2015, the first thing you need to keep in mind is this: deals aren’t just going to happen. You’ve got to figure where your deals most likely to come from. Here are a few key areas to look at if you’re looking for deals that you can pen right now:

Current Listing Inventory

If you have homes up on the market for sale, some of the things you need to figure out are:

Look at those questions. Answer them for yourself. Answer them for your client. Get a price reduction if you need to and then get about the business of getting in front of people with this listing. Door knock around the listing. Leverage it for getting more clients, more leads, more prospects, maybe even some more listings. Leverage these properties because this is the number one source that you’re likely to get deals from in the next 30 to 45 days.

Active Buyer or Active Seller Leads

These are people that you’re working with right now, maybe trying to get their home listed,  or maybe trying to get them to make an offer on some different properties. You’ve got to be out there working with them and finding the properties that they want. You may need to be creating inventory for your buyers if it doesn’t exist. Send out letters. Send out postcards. Whatever you need to do, get out there and create the inventory that your buyers need. If you’ve got sellers who haven’t quite listed yet, you need to figure out why, what their objections are, what their concerns are and figure out how can you address those concerns and get them on the market now, if it’s in their best interest, of course.

Leads That Have Cooled Off

These are people who reached out, maybe around March, April, or May of this year, but have gotten a little bit stale. Try to get them back into the process. Maybe they were waiting until after summer. Maybe they were going on vacation. Whatever happened, somewhere along the lines they cooled off. Warm them back up. Place phone calls, lead with value, or get them updated CMA’s, if that’s what they need. Find any properties that matched even just a little bit what they were looking for and call them with those properties. Whatever you need to do, that’s where you need to start.

Plan for 2015

When trying to finish this year strong, keep in mind it’s also time to start planning for next year. What you do beginning today is going to set up the beginning part of next year. It’s going to kickstart the year that you’re going to have. You’ve got to be planning what you’re going to do next year. Do you have a business plan? Do you have a marketing plan? How are you going to generate leads? What prospects can you get back into the game now that are going to be closing at the beginning part of next year?

Everybody had a rough first quarter this year and part of the reason is they weren’t doing some of the things they could have been doing during the fourth quarter to set up for a great first quarter. Remember, this is a 3 to 6 month game. Whatever you do now is going to impact your business 3 to 6 months down the road. Don’t forget that and start setting up next year today.

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Mike Muranetz Reply

Great video with excellent tips. The Edmonton fall market slows down once December kicks is so yes, we only have 6-7 more weeks of busy selling. Thanks for the tips and yes, I’ll be signing up for more of these training videos.

RE/MAX Real Estate (Edmonton)

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Thanks, Mike! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for signing up! Let me know how you finish out the year. 🙂

John C. Bell Reply

Thank, Travis! I am in a slower market in SW Ohio and getting ready to move back to Austin, Tx. I am looking forward to implementing these thoughts with an old sphere of influence in Austin.

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Congrats on moving back to Austin! Great city. These ideas will definitely work for reigniting your sphere of influence back there. Good luck and keep me posted!

Gareth Farmer Reply

Thanks all great ideas! I am so going to work it!

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