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4 Tools That Will Add Hours To Your Week

One thing that gets in the way of most real estate agents being productive throughout the day is all the follow-up calls and emails that have to be made. Discover four tools you can use to DRAMATICALLY speed up the time it takes for you to power through that list of people to call or email so you can get on with your day.

4 Tools That Will Add Hours To Your Week

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with all follow-up calls and follow-up emails that you need to make throughout a day? So much so that you actually and up avoiding making those calls or sending those emails? Here are four tools that you can use to actually simplify the follow-up process. One of the things that gets in the way of most people actually being productive throughout the day is all the follow-up calls, all the emails that have to be made and when you see all of that list, you started dreading the activity and oftentimes you either avoid it or you do it in place of more productive activities such as prospecting or lead generating.


Do you ever find yourself picking up the phone to make a call and thinking “please don’t pick up“? You just want it to go to voicemail. What slydial actually does is it allows you to bypass the ringer on most people’s cell phone and go straight into their voicemail so you can leave a message without their phone ever ringing. It’s a great way of avoiding the chit-chat but getting them information that they need and moving along with your day. They can always call you back and if they do, pick up the phone, handle the business, and move on but its gonna save you a lot of time especially when dealing with a long list of people that you’ve got to follow up with throughout the day.


If you haven’t heard of bomb bomb, it’s a great video messaging service that allows you to create short personalized videos from your phone or from your webcam on your computer and send those out to people. It’s a nice personal touch without actually having to have a full on conversation. If you’re sitting in an appointment, waiting for the appointment to start, you can grab your cell phone say “hey here’s what’s going on, here is the information you want…” send it off, boom you’re done. Another great feature is you get to see when they open it, when they watch it, how long have they watched it for, all sorts of analytics that allow you to see if it’s in fact being received and watched.

Text Messaging

Maybe you don’t want to sign up for service like Slydial or BombBomb but you want to get that same basic effect. What you can do with most phones is you can record audio text messages or video text messages, send them off and be done and moving about with your day. Don’t be afraid to record a quick message, whether video or audio, and send that off to people using a quick text.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

You’ve learned about CRM’s in a previous series of videos. If you haven’t, go back and do that. The power of a great CRM tool is this: if you ever find yourself writing the same email over and over and over again, create a template out of that email, put it into the system and then call up that template any time you need to send that same bit of information out to whoever it is. Pull up that template, customize it the little bit that it needs to, send it off and move on with your day. It’ll save you hours over a longer period of time and you’ll be back to do any activity that generates the business and the income.

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Hans Bruhner Reply

I love Slydial and I use something like Bomb Bomb and I have an amazing CRM but I never thought about sending a video via text. That is HUGE! I love your ideas and your passion Travis.

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Thanks, Hans! Glad you find the videos so helpful. Slydial and BombBomb are great. But sometimes the really simple things are the ones that save the most amount of time. 🙂

    Joe Nicholls Reply

    Hans- what CRM do you use and like so much ?

Stephen Reply

Great tools and information Travis! Forbes tells us 59% of executives would prefer to watch video versus reading text. More professionals should implement video strategies into their current business operations – video is powerful. Thanks for the insight.

Rosvita Reply

Thanks, Travis, there’s some really good tips here, even if you’re not in Real Estate! Very useful.

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