Are You a Leader or a Manager?

You have a choice to make.

Leadership is difficult. Managing is easy.

Leaders control the vision. Managers control the people.

Leaders empower others. Managers seek power from others.

Leaders lift others up. Managers want to be lifted up.

Leaders need change. Managers need consistency.

Leaders need a revolution. Managers need to stop it.

Leaders encourage new ideas. Managers are frightened by them.

Leaders embrace diversity. Managers embrace conformity.

Leaders care about the results. Managers care about the process.

Leaders are empowered through inspiration. Managers are empowered through fear.

Leaders respect others. Managers expect others to respect them.

Leaders are respected for their ideas. Managers for their titles.

Leaders see opportunities. Managers see threats.

Leaders fear the status quo. Managers fear change.

Leaders promote variation in thought. Managers promote uniformity of thought.

Leaders receive constructive criticism. Managers give criticism.

Leaders surround themselves with smarter people. Managers try to be the smarter person.

Leaders seek out extraordinary people. Managers seek out ordinary people.

Leaders take risks. Managers hate risks.

Leaders admit mistakes. Managers make excuses.

Leaders are willing to let you fail. Managers will keep you from trying.

Leaders learn from failures. Managers hope you do.

Leaders point the finger at others in success. Managers point it at themselves.

Leaders point the finger at themselves in failure. Managers point it at others.

People want leaders. They don’t want managers.

Both are followed. Only one is loved.

You don’t manage a team. You lead one.

You don’t manage a family. You lead one.

You don’t manage a church. You lead one.

You don’t manage a company. You lead one.

You don’t manage a movement. You lead one.

Which path will you choose?

Photo credit: dominik99