The Millennial Revolution Update

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The quick-and-dirty elevator pitch:
The Millennial Revolution contains insights from Millennials about what it takes to attract, manage, and retain the best and brightest of our generation. Plus there’s an MP3 of me presenting this information to a room full of executives and business owners.

From the back cover:
The Millennial Revolution is happening whether leaders within organizations choose to acknowledge it or not. In this book, you will learn three things that every organization must do if they wish to attract, hire, and retain the best workers of the Millennial generation.

  • Discover why the prevailing management theory is driving away Millennials and what your organization can do to combat the exodus.
  • Find out why the traditional methods of motivation are not working. Then, learn about inexpensive and zero-cost alternatives to motivate Millennials.
  • Uncover secrets to creating a company culture that works for all employees – not just Millennials. Also, find out why you should get rid of your current mission statement and vision statement.

On top of all this, you’ll get a list of resources including books, blogs and organizations dedicated to helping leaders and companies make the transition for a new generation of workers.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!! (Sorry…I had to do it.)

You’ll get to hear from Millennials, Gen X’ers, and Boomers on The Millennial Revolution.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!! (Okay, I’m done.)

You’ll also get the 25 minute MP3 of our my presentation to business leaders and executives.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback and support. As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this version as well. If you have any problems getting the updated version, send me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll help you out.

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