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Contact Me

I love meeting new people. If you would like to email me, feel free to do so at:

travis [at] travisrobertson [dot] com (if you don’t understand what that means, feel free to fill out the form below).

You can also find me online at Twitter (@travisro), Facebook, LinkedIn and others that are all listed on the right side of this page.

3 Questions I’ve Received So Far:

1. I have a business idea that I think you might be interested in. Are you?

I don’t know. But I very well might be. The best way to find out is shoot me an email (see above for address) and we can talk about it. I’m always open to working on new projects whether that be a partnership or a consulting arrangement.

2. I live in the Nashville area or I will be in the Nashville area, can we meet?

Absolutely! Providing you are sane, don’t want to kill me and/or haven’t sent me hate mail in the past, shoot me an email and we’ll grab lunch/coffee/whatever.

3. I live in [INSERT YOUR CITY HERE]. If you are ever in [INSERT YOUR CITY HERE], can we meet?

See answer to question #2 above. Same rules apply.

1 Question I Anticipate:

I was a stalker who previously sent you love/hate mail and threatened your life. I’m really sorry, can we meet now? I promise not to get too close.

No. I own a gun.