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Dealing With Overload

With sexy new apps, online marketing tools and social networks popping up every single day, how do you cut through the chaos and determine what’s best for your business? You only have so many hours in the day … what should you be spending your time on?

In this video I share a simple strategy used by some of the most successful CEOs and business owners both inside and outside the real estate industry (including Steve Jobs).

Using this basic but essential strategy will make you more effective, more efficient, and you’ll also find that your stress level drops like a rock (not a bad added bonus, right?).

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Death of Feast-or-Famine Marketing

Many agents are struggling to build predictable and consistent businesses. One of the reasons is because they use the Feast-or-Famine marketing plan. Business is good–marketing tanks. Business is slow–marketing gets kicked back into gear. Because real estate is a 3-6 month business (meaning what we do NOW impacts our business 3-6 months from now), FoF […]

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Own Your Morning

It seems like in today’s world there are more and more demands for our time and attention, and we end up spending more time putting out fires than doing the work that will move our business forward.

The question is how do we make that change?

In this video, I cover a key principle that has made a huge impact on the businesses and lives of my clients (as well as my own business).

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How To Remove Yourself From a Friend or Family Member’s Email Blasts

Unfortunately, emails from family and friends don’t include an anonymous “Remove Me From This List” link. And sending a poorly worded email could ruin a friendship or Thanksgiving dinner. So I’ve crafted an email template that I’m using to effectively remove myself from these types of emails. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful in your circle of relationships.

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9 Free Tools and Websites To Make You More Productive

Free. Is there a word that people love more than that? Probably not. Especially in this market. And when you’re starting a business, you better take a look at where you’re spending money and ask yourself if there is a more cost-effective (free) alternative. Working in the technology industry my whole career, I often take […]

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