Understand That You’re in Business Development

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working to hire a Brand Ambassador for Ethos3. With a few exceptions, I’ve been shocked at some of the applications I’ve received. One person even wrote a “cover letter” that consisted of the following sentence: “I have a lot of sales experience even though my resume doesn’t show it.”

We live in a time with roughly 17% unemployment. People need work but complain that they “can’t find a job.” I’d offer up this instead: Those who understand that they are business developers for themselves can find work in almost any market.

Business developers create and nurture a network.
Business developers search out ways to use their skills and assets to help others.
Business developers look for creative ways to get new business.
Business developers know they have to clearly define how they can help.
Business developers paint a picture of how wonderful the partnership can be.
Business developers are intentional in every contact they make.
Business developers try to stand out from the crowd.

Start thinking of yourself as a soloprenuer – a one person company – that needs new business. You’re the business developer for You, Inc. Now, get out there and be intentional. Hustle. Want it.

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