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Discover how our turnkey training program can give you and your agents an
unfair competitive advantage.

WE Support YOU in 3 critical areas

Broker Advantage is the most comprehensive and innovative solution to your agent training, recruiting and retention needs.

It's designed to be a high-impact partnership with Travis Robertson to provide you with proven strategies, tools and training for both you and your agents.

There is truly no other program like it in the market today.

Agent Training & Development

Your Agents are Begging for Killer Training

Don't you think it's time you gave them what they're asking for? 

High value in-office training is one of the most requested ​services from agents. They want you to offer it! But ONLY if it's relevant, impactful and entertaining.

That's why Travis created The Real Estate Playbook training program - a 10 module program designed to guide agents on creating a massively successful business. These are the same strategies used by our coaching members to earn an average of $522,000 in GCI and experience an average 78% growth in 12 months.

When you join the Broker Advantage program, your get a license for every single agent in your office AND every agent you're looking to recruit. All of this for one low monthly investment.​


We know that your biggest challenges as a broker/owner/manager center around recruiting and retention. With everything you have going on, how are you supposed to fit it all in?

That's why, as part of the Broker Advantage program, you'll receiving monthly training videos from Travis Robertson that are designed to give you recruiting and retention strategies that you can implement in your business immediately.

Need to know what to say in that recruiting video? Need strategies for recruiting and retaining teams in your office? Need strategies for increasing profitability? Regardless of your ​challenge, we've got the solutions you need.

Exclusive discounts

In addition to world class training for you and your agents, we also provide you and your agents with exclusive discounts on products and services not available anywhere else.

From exclusive rates on coaching, our Bootcamp program, our live events and so much more, you'll be able to deliver even more value to the agents in your office - making it easier to recruit and retain top talent. 

We even give you 2 complimentary tickets to any of our live events. The gifts just keep on coming!​

Implementation support

We want you to succeed so we're going to help you implement our training into your office.

Each month, you'll receive a 30-minute call with an implementation coach who will give you strategies, tools and techniques for increasing the engagement and results of the training program. 

These calls are designed to support you and your leadership in making the Broker Advantage program truly work to your advantage.​

Additional Learning and Growth

In addition to everything above, you'll also receive additional learning opportunities for you and your agents including:

2 complimentary tickets to any of our events, you and your agents will gain access to Don't Settle Nation - our private community of high impact business owners for networking, strategy sharing, referrals and private Facebook Live events with Travis Robertson.

  • 2 Free Tickets to Any of Our Live Events
  • Access to Don't Settle Nation - our private community of high impact business owners for networking, strategy sharing, referrals and private Facebook Live events with Travis Robertson
  • And much more.

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