6 Deadly Sins of Direct Mail - Travis Robertson

6 Deadly Sins of Direct Mail

Direct Mail can be an extremely effective marketing tool, but many don’t use it appropriately or to its fullest potential. In this video, I’m going to walk you through how you should be utilizing Direct Mail and how to avoid the 6 Deadly Sins.

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Direct Mail can be an extremely effective marketing tool, but many don’t use it appropriately or to its fullest potential. In this video, I’m going to walk you through how you should be utilizing Direct Mail and how to avoid the 6 Deadly Sins.

6 Deadly Sins of Direct Mail

If you’re doing direct mail, and you fall into any of these categories I am about to discuss, I know why it’s not working. Direct mail is a phenomenal strategy if done correctly, but if you violate the rules of direct mail, it’ll stop working, and you’re gonna spend a lot of money for a lot of frustration, and not a lot of results.

Deadly Sin #1: Having Multiple CTAs

CTA stands for “calls-to-action”. If you are asking people, “Hey, visit my website! Call me if you’re ready to buy or sell! Want my free download? Go here!”, you are automatically overwhelming them with multiple things to do. Do you think that they will do everything that you suggest? No. The truth is, if you ask them to do too much, they don’t do any of it.

When you have one call-to-call action, people take action. When you go to two calls to action, there are no people who take action because they have to think, and it becomes too hard for them to figure out what to do. So, you want one call to action on a direct mail piece, because attention is so short and so quick, you only have time to ask them to do one thing. Make it clear to them what you want them to do; what the most important is.

More than one CTA means no results whatsoever.

Deadly Sin #2: Cramming Too Much Into a Postcard

This is a very common mistake people make throughout their lives. Listing everything that they are doing, where they are going, who they are with, who did what in what situation, and so on. People don’t care. Too much input and information will cause people’s brains to shut down, and they will start to see the postcard as a useless piece of information.

Think of the quality. Think of what people will NEED to know, and what format will not push them away; lots of white space, minimal text, minimal photos, very clean, includes a web address and catch phrase, and very simple. Less is more.

Deadly Sin #3: Designing the Postcard Yourself

This is very simple. You are a salesperson, not a designer. If you try to design your postcards yourself, I already know why they’re not working, and that is because they are ugly, they are not professional, and people don’t respond to it. You need to hire a professional to design your postcard. Do what you do best, which is selling houses, and let them do what they do best.

Deadly Sin #4: Making the Postcard About You

Conceit will drive away anyone observing your business. This is geo-farming, not ego-farming. Too many people spend too much time talking about themselves, “I’m the number one agent in this market and in this county” etc. Nobody cares if you are number one, they care if you help them and treat them like they’re number one. THAT is what is going to make things work for you.

You want your postcards to bring them value, information, and knowledge that the focus is on them, not you.

Deadly Sin #5: Sharing the Postcard With Another Vendor

Never let any vendor talk you into sharing a postcard with them, or “splitting” the postcard with you. If you do that, yeah, you save money, but you receive no results. The minute you put two different people on the same postcard, the quality and the effectiveness drops down to zero. It just doesn’t work.

On top of that, people will get confused. They won’t know who to call, or who to contact, so they just don’t reach out at all. If you want to save money on a crappy campaign, and split the postcard with somebody else so that neither of you get results, then that is your choice, but it’s not a good one.

Deadly Sin #6: Mailing Less Than Two Times a Month For the First 2-3 Years

Direct mail is a farming strategy, not a microwave strategy. You need to be focused on a long-term game plan. “Trying” direct mail for six months is NOT a good strategy. Being willing to go all in for two to three years to make it work at a high level? That is what pros do; they mail twice a month for the first two to three years, and then start backing off a little bit IF they want to. A lot of people keep going and expand their farming.

Keep mailing. Especially in the beginning.

These are the 6 Deadly Sins. If you do any of these, I already know why your mailings are not working. So, if you recognize one or more of these, go fix it, and invest the money back into geographic farming.

Here are some action steps that I suggest for you:
1) Review your postcards for any deadly sins, and check out the postcard packet we put together for you.
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4) And don’t forget to take advantage of the free coaching session available to you. Have one of our coaches hop on the phone with you and review your postcards, they will tell you what’s not working.

Thank you for joining me today. I appreciate you so much. If you believe in yourself half as much as I believe in you, you have an amazing life, amazing career, and amazing business ahead, and it is a deep honor to serve you in this capacity. Thank you so much, and take care.

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