Weekend Reading - November 6, 2010 - Travis Robertson

Weekend Reading – November 6, 2010

Below are a list of articles I found interesting this week. If you’ve found some interesting stuff, please share it in the comments below!

Why Did 17 Million Students Go To College? – An interesting look at the number behind college and the value we’re really getting from our educations. It begs the question, “Is college really worth it?”

How to Hire and Work With a Virtual Assistant – One of the guys in my entrepreneur group shared this with us. The next 12 months will find me looking to use a virtual assistant for certain work in my business. When I do, I will be turning to this article. If you’re swamped, but not sure it’s time to hire a full-time employee, consider a VA first and read this article.

The Persuasive Power of Swearing – “Light swearing at the start or end of a persuasive speech can help influence an audience.” Now, I’m not advocating this methodology for increasing persuasion. In fact, I recommend you don’t swear. However, there’s an interesting nugget that points out that it may not be the swearing that persuades people as much as it is the perceived passion for your content that’s the persuasive element. People resonate with passion. Swearing is just one way of communicating passion – not the only and certainly not the best.

Burnout S.O.S.: Increase Your ‘Worth Ethic’ and Save Your Health – Feeling burned out? This post examines how understanding where we derive our sense of “worth” affects our sense of well-being. Noticeably missing from the piece is how faith fits into the picture. But it’s from the Huffington Post, so that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Still a good read.

Setting Up a Social Media Management Center – A fairly comprehensive post from social media expert Chris Brogan. Some of the tools he recommends are quite expensive and there are inexpensive and free alternatives to a lot of them. But it gives anyone an understanding of what needs to be done to create a strong social media presence and manage it effectively.

How to Setup Your First Blog the Right Way the First Time – Not sure this needs much explanation. I know a lot of my readers are working on setting up a blog or are thinking about it so check this out.

EntreLeadership 1-Day – I went to this yesterday with Justin Davis of Madera Labs and it’s a fantastic event well worth the small investment. I’ve been to both the live 1-Day and the Simulcast. Both are spectacular but go to the live event if you ever get the chance. This is not an affiliate link, by the way. That’s how much I believe in this type of material.

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Jeff Goins Reply

What location at the EntreLeadership event were you at?

    Travis Robertson Reply

    We were at the Fellowship Bible Church location. Did you go? Which were you at?

Jeff Goins Reply

Yup. Was there, too. Funny!

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Too bad we didn’t realize it sooner! Would have been great to grab lunch. 🙂

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