The Millennial Revolution at REtechSouth (RETSO) - Travis Robertson

The Millennial Revolution at REtechSouth (RETSO)

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Last week, I spent about 4 days outside of Atlanta with a bunch of Realtors and brokers at a real estate tech conference called REtechSouth (a.k.a. RETSO). Given that the bulk of my career has been in technology, I didn’t expect to learn much I didn’t already know.

I can tell you that wasn’t the case. The event was spectacular and the content was top tier. I was honored to provide the closing talk for the conference and chose to do it on The Millennial Revolution.

I believe there are two major forces at work in our economy right now: technology and the Millennial generation. They are disrupting every single industry and real estate is no exception. I talk about those two forces as they pertain to real estate in this video.

Whether you agree or disagree, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

My thanks to the whole RETSO crew and especially to Brad Nix and Mike Pennington for creating a great event. Also, a special thanks to Brian Copeland for hooking me up with them.

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Joey Strawn Reply

Awesome talk, Travis. Your presentation skills blow me away.

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Thank you so much, Joey! That means a tremendous amount to me. Glad you enjoyed it because I was sick that day. Had to take 3 12-hour Sudafed along with Afrin just so I could talk without sounding too nasal-y. ­čÖé

    Had a LOT of fun, though. Hope that came through.

Kelli Wallace Reply

Awesome presentation! Great job of articulating why agents need to leverage technology to connect with millennials and cultivate relationships. If agents/brokers don’t know why then they are unlikely to properly execute the how.

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Thank you so much, Kelli! You’re so right about the “why” driving the “how.” Well put!

Kathy Mcguriman Reply

Totally agree Travis. In fact, I gave your article to my husband to read, who is in corporate technology sales and I believe it helps him to deal with this generation.

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Thank you, Kathy! I appreciate you spreading the message! I always love to hear about how it helps people. ­čÖé

Paul L'Acosta Reply

Great start, great middle, awesome finish. You definitely had your audience captivated the whole time (which is the hardest part) so kudos and thumbs up my friend! Cheers! ~Paul

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Thanks so much, Paul! I truly appreciate that feedback! I’m my toughest critic (and hate watching myself) so it’s interesting to hear what others have to say. ­čÖé Again, thanks for taking time out of your day to watch and offer feedback.

Thom Abbott Reply

Travis….indeed what a great talk, speech, conversation ( I like that word better) you had with us about this all important generation of people. I think since many of us are of the age of their parents( eek gads) it’s important for us to know how to “connect” with these people. You certainly gave us some food for thought and ideas to work with.
It was great to meet you, altho VERY brief during the event, and I truly look forward to following along from this point forward, and to the opportunity to see you again in the future.

And thank you for saying you were “outside Atlanta” as you did miss the real ATL…..but the location for this conference is great and keeps us together to network, talk and share.

    Travis Robertson Reply

    LOL! I was chided at one point for saying “conference in Atlanta” so I learned my lesson about being clear on the areas. I’ve been to Atlanta once and really enjoyed it – great city, great food, great people. ­čÖé Looking forward to my next chance to head down there!

    It was great meeting you and I’m so glad you enjoyed the presentation! There’s so much to cover with this topic and I always feel like there’s never enough time to get to it all. I guess that’s what blogging is for, right?

Andrew Syiek Reply

Thank you Travis, for your enthusiastic presentation and for clearly defining how the 80M strong Millennials and to a lesser degree 40M GenX will disrupt market forces to ultimately control US wealth in the near future. Excellent. 

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