Real Estate Marketing (Part 3) - Real Estate Lead Conversion - Travis Robertson

Real Estate Marketing (Part 3) – Real Estate Lead Conversion

In phase 3 of our 5 phase series, coach Travis Robertson shares ideas on how to convert your leads at a higher percent. Want to learn how to improve your conversion rates? Set yourself apart from other agents using these tips! In this video, Travis Robertson will share with you ways to keep your leads informed and interested throughout the whole buying process.

Real Estate Lead Conversion

You cannot have a successful real estate business without converting leads. The ability to convert leads at a high percent will transform your business. The process of lead conversion happens from the time somebody raises their hand and says “I wanna meet with you” to the time that they signed on the dotted line either for you to list their home or if you get them to sign a buyer agency agreement. For most agents, from the time somebody raises their hand to the time they sign on the dotted line, not a whole lot happens. You need to constantly ask yourself this: How can I improve my conversion rate?

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Maybe a lead sets an appointment for Friday afternoon, but between Tuesday and Friday afternoon their marketing dries up. They might call to confirm the appointment but beyond that nothing else is happening. This is a huge opportunity for you to put a large distance between yourself and any other agents that potential client may be meeting. How do you do that? Here’s an idea I want you to think about:

One of our coaches by the name of Nathan Dart converts his listing presentations at ninety four percent, month in and month out. What are some other things that he does? First, when somebody raises their hand and says “we want you to come take a look at our home and tell us what you think you can list it for,” Nathan doesn’t set the appointment right away. Instead his process is designed to give him a couple of extra days to market to that person. This allows Nathan to send his prospects valuable information that’s going to educate them and inform them on the process that they’re going to be going through. However, it’s not a puff piece; they’re not brag pieces.

They’re pieces that are designed to build rapport with the people that they’re trying to serve. They send a package via First Class Mail and it’s got beautifully designed brochures. It’s got information on what it’s like to list your home and how to interview an agent. Another thing they do is they send out an incredible client testimonial video. Instead of Nathan bragging on himself, he got a great video pulled together where his clients are the ones providing the testimonials and putting the prospect’s mind at ease so by the time Nathan shows up on Friday for the appointment, he’s got a person who’s much more likely to move forward. In fact, about half the time Nathan shows up they don’t even want him to do the listing presentation. They just say “Nathan, none of the other agents did everything that you do. None of the other agents provided all that value, all that information that you provided. Can we just sign on the dotted line?” Instead of saying absolutely, Nathan says “I need a set proper expectations with you. We’re still going to go through the listing presentation and I’m still going to walk you through everything we need to do. This is going to be how I provide you more value then maybe you’re getting from other people so that you walk into this with eyes wide open and I walk into this with eyes wide open as well.”

There’s a lot you can do from the time somebody raises their hand to the time somebody signs on the dotted line. It just takes a little bit of creativity and a little bit of thinking outside the box and realizing what a great time to not slow down the marketing but to ramp up the marketing.

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