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Do you want to make more money, regain control of your time and have a business that supports your life instead of having one that runs your life?

The Real Estate Playbook is the real estate industry’s most advanced and comprehensive training program. It is designed to guide you step-by-step through creating a highly profitable business modeled on the top 10% of agents in the world.

Throughout this 10-module program, you’ll learn the exact strategies and framework that have helped agents create explosive growth in their business in record time!

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The Real Estate Playbook Core Modules:

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  • Module 1 – Personal Mastery – Discover how to overcome any obstacle or challenge you face. Master your own fears, motivation and time management so you can be more productive and achieve more in less time.
  • Module 2 – Business Mastery – Learn how to effectively create a business plan you’ll actually use and enjoy. We’ve simplified the process and we’ll teach you the same methodology previously only reserved for our private clients.
  • Modules 3 & 4 – Marketing Mastery Part 1 & 2 – Discover what’s working right now to generate leads and business no matter how big or small your budget is. You’ll learn step-by-step how to implement each strategy and how to choose which ones are right for you and your style of business.
  • Module 5 – Sales and Conversion Mastery – You have the lead…now what? How do you convert those leads into clients and sales? And how do you do it without sacrificing your integrity or sounding too slick or sales-y? Travis will show you how to sell effectively so the process is enjoyable for you AND your clients!
  • Module 6 – Negotiation Mastery – Negotiation is one of the least understood skills and it is one that most people feel weak in. Yet there is no skill that can help you earn more money (or lose more money) for you and your clients. Travis will show you how to master the negotiation game so you show up with confidence.

  • Module 7 – Listing Mastery – Listings are the gold standard in the industry. Everyone wants more listings but the competition for those listings is fierce and only getting worse. So how can you dominate the listing inventory in your market? This module will show you Travis’ Listing Domination Framework. A step-by-step program for getting more listings and controlling your market.
  • Module 8 – Systems Mastery – Systems are critical to your success and your ability to scale. But which systems are important and where should you focus your time? This module will give you everything you need to build effective and efficient systems.
  • Module 9 – Growth Mastery – If you’re ready to grow, you need to know how to make your first hire. In this module, Travis will show you who to hire and how so you can effectively grow your income without sacrificing your life.
  • Module 10 – Advanced Marketing and Lead Generation – Now that your business is taking off, you’re ready for advanced marketing and lead generation techniques that are not being taught anywhere else. You’ll learn cutting-edge strategies and tactics that will give you a HUGE advantage over your competition.

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$11,494 In Course Bonuses

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2 General Admission Tuition Waivers ($994 Value) – You and a guest can join us at our upcoming ACCELERATE Live training retreat in San Diego on April 27-29th. In this 3-day conference you will learn strategies and tactics that will enhance your program learning and empower you to keep the momentum going. (A $99 material fee is required for each attendee.)

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Bonus Module 1 – How to Generate Business Instantly ($2,500 Value) – Do you need business right now? Travis will show you 6 strategies that work for getting his personal clients business instantly. You’ll earn back your investment in the program multiple times over just from this module alone!

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Bonus Module 2 – How to Keep From Cutting Your Commissions ($2,500 Value) – Do you struggle with how to negotiate your commissions? Do you find yourself working for less than you’re worth? In this bonus module, you’ll discover a technique that will help you keep from ever cutting your commission again! This strategy alone will earn you thousands of dollars in extra commissions on your next deal.

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Lifetime Updates ($2,500 Value) – As a 100% digital program, you’ll receive access to updates to the program free of charge. You can watch the program over and over whenever and wherever you want.


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MP3 Downloads of All Lessons ($1,000 Value) – Want to immerse yourself in the program? Every single module (including the Bonus Modules) is available in MP3 format for you to listen to wherever your iPod will take you.


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Bonus Scripts and Templates ($2,000 Value)– Not sure what to say? Each lesson features the necessary scripts and templates you need to execute on the lessons you just watched.


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[icon icon=”comment” size=”small” style=”simple”][/icon] What Our Customers Are Saying

[quote author_name=”Julie Gilbert” author_description=”RE/MAX River City, Hood River, OR” author_image=”” size=”small” style=”simple”]

Travis has helped me turn my already successful real estate job into an even more successful real estate business. I had always heard “work smarter, not harder”. Travis is the first one to actually give me the tools to make that a reality…Travis’ motivation is infectious!


[quote author_name=”Mark Brown” author_description=”Bloomfield Hills, MI” author_image=”” size=”small” style=”simple”]

Travis Robertson’s program has helped me focus on strategies that work to grow my business. He is personable and has been tremendous at helping me with my specific needs as a professional!


Get The Real Estate Playbook for Your Agents!

To get The Real Estate Playbook for the agents in your office as part of our Broker Advantage program, call (800)262-2819 for pricing and information!

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