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The 7 Areas of Mastery

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be truly successful in business and ultimately in life? In order to do this, you have to master seven different areas. Once you do, you will have a business that you’re passionate about and one that funds the lifestyle that you want to live, all while giving […]

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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

In business and in life, success is going to come on the back side of discomfort. It comes after we’ve pushed and challenged ourselves. But somewhere along the line, a lot of people started believing that success should come easy. That it’s all champagne, private jets and Bentleys.┬áIt’s not. Success is hard. But it’s the […]

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Creating a Daily Routine

Have you ever wondered how the most successful agents structure their days? It’s a question that comes up a lot so, I’m going to walk you through how to create a daily routine just like the top agents in the industry. Having a routine may be the most important step you can take if you […]

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How to On-board a New Administrative Assistant

When it comes to hiring an new administrative assistant, getting them on-board and up and running is just as important as finding a good fit. You know you need an assistant and you know what qualities to be looking for in that person, so now you need to know what the process of actually bringing […]

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Best Qualities for an Administrative Assistant

Welcome to part 2 in our series on hiring an administrative assistants! In the previous video, I walked you through how to know when it was the right time to hire an administrative assistant. The next question you should be asking is “what should I look for in an admin?” If you want to hire […]

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Overcoming Fear Part 3 – Outcome Pain

In the final part in this series, Travis Robertson covers outcome pain, or the “fear of success”. It’s the fear of the grass not being greener once you get to the other side. See, many people are willing to put in the effort and hard work to achieve success, but they are afraid of what […]

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Overcoming Fear Part 1 – Loss Pain

Fears and doubts set the boundaries of your life. But just as easily as you developed fears, you can unlearn the same fears. Because we were only born with the fear of falling and loud noises, everything else was picked up somewhere along the way. If you understand your fears and understand that they are […]

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How to Stay Motivated

Part 2 on High Performance Motivation is all about sustaining. Once you’ve got your motivation ignited, or sparked, you need to go through the process of learning how to sustain that motivation throughout the journey, because that’s where most people fail. How do we fight distractions? It comes down to two things: focus and effort. […]

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4 Questions to Rev Up Your Goal Setting

Business Planning is a process that many people get hung up on. Travis Robertson shares 4 questions that will help you reflect on the last 12 months, and set goals for the next 12 months to make business planning easy and fun! 4 Questions to Rev Up Your Goal Setting Many people want to know […]

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Do Millennials Believe They Can’t Learn From Boomers? The Surprising Truth

Late last week, I received an email from my friend Bobbi Howe. She’s a real estate agent in Saint Joseph, MO, and one of the coolest people I’ve never met in real life. I was introduced to her thanks to my friend Brian Copeland and a webinar I did early in February for the Council of Residential Specialists on The Millennial Revolution.

Bobbi recently moderated a panel called Bridging the Gap (Gen X/Y) at a big event called Sell-a-bration. After the session was over, a gentleman in his 60’s approached her and recounted a story of a female Millennial in his company who told him, “I can learn everything I need to off the internet and you cannot teach me anything.”

Bobbi was curious if I had any resources or research on this seeming arrogance. Given that I hear stories like this so frequently, I thought I’d share with you the same things I shared with her.

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