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What Social Voting Can Teach Us About Managing Millennials

Oh…YouTube…and Digg…and Facebook…and anything else that lets me vote. Thank you for teaching us a valuable lesson about Millennials and how to understand my generation.

If you manage or work with Millennials, take a second to look at all of the sites where Millennials spend so much of their time and ask yourself one thing: “Why do they all have some sort of voting or ‘like’ feature?”

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How To Hire An Intern

Ah, summer! The time of year when enterprising college students take a break from academia and venture tepidly into the real world. Not the MTV reality show version (though some do). I’m talking about internships – free, grunt work labor in the hopes of making connections and gaining a little bit of experience along the way. Unpaid interns present interesting opportunities and potential challenges for companies when not incentivized in any way other than pure learning (or “opportunity” as we call it).

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