Providing Value After the Sale | Part 2

Providing Value After the Sale Part 2






Do you want more repeat and referral business? Of course you do!

At the same time, providing post-sale value to our clients is one the most challenging aspects of our businesses.

Why is that? Because there’s no immediate benefit, right?

Yet we all want those coveted repeat and referral clients.

In the second part of this 3 part video series, I’ll show you how to create a plan to provide post sale value to your clients so you remain top of mind.

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Providing Value After the Sale | Part 2

What are some things that you can provide on a regular basis that can provide value to your clients? Couple of things come to mind. Number 1: What is the information on their area that they might find valuable?

So let’s say you worked with a buyer, and they just bought into a new neighborhood. What are some things that might be interesting to them? Activities in the neighborhood! One of the things that I encourage my clients to do is, once every quarter, create a postcard with activities and events going on for the coming quarter. Send it out once a quarter, and include activities that are coming up in their neighborhood. That’s very valuable. These are the things that provide value to clients.

One of the things you could provide annually is a custom market analysis, which gives them something, where on an annual basis, they get to know, “How is your investment doing? Do you have any questions? Well, just let me know.” You’re just staying in touch with them on a regular basis.

Did rates go down since they last purchased? Send them information on updated rates so maybe they want to refinance. Maybe they want to drop the payment value on that investment. These are things that are valuable.

Send holiday cards! Communicate with them and show them you are interested in their personal life, and that you’re open to them.

Put together a marketing calendar, and figure out, what they get 30 days after the close. What do they get after 60 days? Or after a year? Whatever those things are, put those things on a calendar, and get them sent out on a regular basis.

This keeps you in front, building a relationship, and continuing the relationship with your clients so that, guess what? When somebody says, “ Hey who did you work with? Who was your realtor? What did you think of him?” The person at the top of their heads, the person who’s been providing so much value, is you. It’s almost impossible for them not to give you that referral.