Overcoming Fear Part 2 - Hardship Pain - Travis Robertson

Overcoming Fear Part 2 – Hardship Pain

In part 2 on overcoming fears, Travis Robertson covers hardship pain. Have you ever thought to yourself “I don’t know if I have what it takes”? This is the pain of the journey or effort that you need to put in to get to that next level in your business or your life. It’s the “I’m too afraid to step out of my comfort zone” fear. Stop doubting your ability to take the next step because you have an amazing ability to figure things out. Don’t ever forget that!

Overcoming Fear Part 2 – Hardship Pain

As I talked about in the last video, you are only born with two fears hard-wired into you: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Every other fear you have is a learned fear, meaning that just as easily as you learn how to be afraid of something, you can unlearn how to be afraid of it as well. As I mentioned in the previous video, we are not talking about phobias. I’m not going to teach you how to overcome your fear spiders (or my fear spiders).

We are talking about those things that are holding you back from the big ambitions, the big dreams, and the big goals that you have for your business or your life. Those doubts, those fears, and those concerns usually present themselves as these negative scripts or tapes that play in our head over and over and over again. In the first video, we talked about loss pain. This idea that if you go for something that you really, really want, you’re also going to lose something on the journey. You’re going to lose something as a result of trying to get more so therefore you don’t want to go for more if you’re going to lose this over here. We create these false dichotomies or these false choices. “I can either have this or I can have that but I can never have both.” But that’s not really how life works. If you haven’t watched the previous video, go back and watch it. Understand how to overcome that loss pain in your life so you can really get to that next level.

Hardship Pain

This is the pain or discomfort of the actual journey or the actual effort that you need to put in to get to that next level in your business or in your life. Most people don’t realize that they actually can be afraid of that journey. It often presents as “I don’t know if I’m afraid to step out of my comfort zone.” Right? It’s a comfort zone conversation. Now there’s a lot of different ways that the fear of hardship or the hardship pain can present itself and usually it comes with this idea of “I don’t know if I have what it takes to get to that next level. I don’t know if I have what it takes to really go on this journey, to put the time and the effort in.  I don’t know if I’m smart enough, or good enough, or pretty enough, or thin enough, or athletic enough.” Whatever it is, you start to doubt your ability to take the journey that you know lies ahead. You start to fear the journey itself. Sometimes it’s just “I don’t even know where to start. Where do I begin with this thing? I want to go from point A to point B but that gap is so big. Where do I begin?You start to doubt your ability to even figure it out.

How do you battle this type of fear in your life and in your business? First, what you have to realize is that you have an amazing ability to figure things out. When you’re afraid of these things, what you’re basically saying is you doubt your ability to learn how to do what you need to do. Is it going to challenge you, is it going to push you, is it going to drive you out of your comfort zone? Of course it is, but I also believe in your ability to figure out what you need to figure out in order to get to that next level. If you need to learn a new skill or learn a new habit or to do research on something, you know what? I believe you can figure that out.

The second thing is you need to start to learn to appreciate and enjoy the journey. Think about it this way: think about anything great you have in your life, whether that’s a relationship or business or a marriage, whatever it is that you have that’s great your life, did you get it because it was easy? Of course not! Anything great in your life only comes on the back side of trial and challenge and hard work. A great marriage doesn’t just happen. Wonderful kids don’t just happen. A great business doesn’t just show up one day and go “hey! Let’s just have a wonderful, incredible business! You’ve got to work for you it. You’ve got to hustle for it.

Think about movies like Braveheart or Gladiator. We all love what we call the hero’s journey, right? It’s that battle that they have to go on, the hardship, the trials, the efforts that they have to take on their way to becoming the hero. We romanticize it for everybody else before ourselves. When we look at our personal hero’s journey that we’ve got to go on, we start thinking “that’s too much. I can’t do it. I don’t know if I’m enough.But that’s why it’s called the hero’s journey because somewhere inside you is a hero. Somewhere inside you is somebody who says “I am good enough. I can do this and I believe I can figure this out.” Is it going to be hard? Heck yeah, it’s going to be hard!

But you know what? It’s time to romanticize your own journey and to realize that this is that next stage for you. This is that next level and it’s going to require you to push outside of your comfort zone but you know what? That’s a good thing. There’s nothing good that comes from staying inside the safe area right? You never learn how to swim by staying in the shallow end of the pool. You’ve got to venture out into something more challenging and something more interesting. Ultimately that’s what makes life exciting, isn’t it? It’s the challenge and the battle and realizing that when we get to the other side, it wasn’t so much where we were going that was important, it was the realization that it was who we were becoming. You see everybody loves a comeback story, but nobody ever wants the setbacks that create the comebacks.

You can’t ever let your setbacks hold you back from actually experiencing your comeback. Understand what the setback is, figure out what you need to do and move forward. Start to learn to love the journey that you’re on. Your hero’s journey.

I look forward to hearing your stories about your journey at the different events that I get to meet each and every one of you at. Leave a comment down below and let me know what’s the big journey or the big ambition that you have for your life and how you are overcoming the fear of the hardship! What have you found that works for you?

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Gil Reply

Thank you Travis. I’ve just starting doing real estate full-time and have hit some bumps in the road, so my confidence level was on a bit of a low today. Thank you for sharing your positive energy and tips. I don’t have any money to hire a coach at this point, but you’ll be on my list when I’m ready to take my business to the next level.

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Glad you’re enjoying the videos, Gil! When you’re ready, we’d love to talk with you. In the meantime, keep up the hustle and you’ll get there. Remember: Hard work will always beat out talent that doesn’t work hard. You’ve got this!

Kayvon Shahir Reply

Thank you, Travis. I want to make this a banner year for my real estate career. It has started pretty well so far. My biggest fear is getting too busy or overwhelmed with my business. Or get so consumed by my job that other areas of my life would suffer, and that would degrade the quality of my life. I know, you would think it would rather improve my life. I am working on shifting that mindset by questioning the basis of that fear. That is an ongoing journey onto itself.

Thanks for the videos. They help keep perspective. Please keep them coming 🙂

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Will do! Glad you find them valuable, Kayvon!

    I want you to have a banner year. In fact, I KNOW it’s possible to have great years in business where you substantially grow your income while not sacrificing those things that are most important.

    That’s why my mission (and our mission as a company) is to help people create businesses that support their lives – not businesses that run them. I know we could help you do that. Have you looked at our coaching program? It sounds right up your alley. Just a thought…

      Kayvon Shahir Reply

      Hi Travis, I really do believe in your mission and it’s definitely inline with what I want out of my business. I am getting to a place where I think coaching would be a great asset to my business development. I will be contacting you in the coming days 🙂

        Travis Robertson Reply

        Excellent! I know we’ll be able to help you in a big way. 🙂

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