The First Few Hours - Travis Robertson

The First Few Hours

Feel like you could use a few more hours in your day? Always feel busy but can’t seem to stay focused?

In this quick video, learn HOW and WHY the first few hours can set the pace for the rest of your day. Follow along as Travis Robertson shares his thoughts on how to make your morning more productive!

The Importance of The First Few Hours

Owning your morning can make, or break, your day. Those first few hours are going to set up the trajectory of the rest of your day. You’ve had this experience: you go through the day and you’re busy doing a lot of things. Then you get home at the end of the day and your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner says to you “how was your day?” The conversation that follows goes something like this:

Man, I was so busy, I’m so exhausted…”

Wellwhat’d you do?”

I don’t know. I don’t know what I did.”

At the end of the day all you were doing was reacting to everybody else’s emergencies.

Your day was being controlled by other people: your clients, the people in your office, maybe family or friends. If you don’t control those first few hours, your day is going to go to hell in a hand basket and it will go there fast. Those first three hours when you get into the office need to be focused on lead generating activities.


The dreaded P word: prospecting. Right? Focus those first few hours on calling past leads, past clients, or your sphere of influence. Do anything you can to drum up business. Then in the later half of the day, focus on servicing the business that they’re generating. If you’re not spending the first few hours of your day generating business, it won’t be long before you don’t have a whole lot of business to service over the rest of the day.

Three Hours?!

What usually ends up coming up right about this point is people go “three hours?! How am i going to block out three hours of my day to focus on prospecting? I don’t have three hours to give!” And you know what? You don’t have to go from 0-3 hours overnight. All you need to do is carve out one hour five days a week for the next. Focus on prospecting, making calls and generating business. No email! This isn’t email prospecting. This is picking up the phone and making dials. After you’ve been doing it consistently for two weeks,  up it by either a half hour or an hour.

Here’s what just happened: if you do this for two weeks, you’ve done 10 hours of prospecting in your business that you probably haven’t done in a very very long time. This will allow you to get business and appointments, to get out and meet people, to go on listing presentations, and eventually work with new buyers.

When you start seeing the results that you get from controlling those first few hours, turning off all the distractions, no email, no alerts, that’s when you’re going to realize that this is important and this works.

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