7 Core Actions Every Top Real Estate Agent Performs - Travis Robertson

7 Core Actions Every Top Real Estate Agent Performs

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be really successful in real estate? In this video, Travis Robertson explains the 7 keys steps to becoming as successful as the top 10%!

7 Core Actions Every Top Real Estate Agent Performs

There’s probably no question that I get asked more by real estate professionals than “how do I be successful in this business?” Most agents make around $35,000-40,000/year. That is not enough money to support the life you want and provide for your family. Here are the 7 keys for being more successful in this business:
Treat this like a business.

You’re the CEO. This is your company and it’s time to act like it. Real estate is not something you can be successful at if you’re just part time. You need to commit to it full-time and invest the resources and the energy into making this work for you.

Create a business plan.

As the CEO of your business, it’s imperative that you plan out what it is that you’re going to do to be successful. You can not wake up every day wishing and hoping and praying that it’s going to work out for you. It doesn’t work that way. Having a solid business plan is going to focus you, your team, the resources, the money and the time that you’re spending into the right activities that are going to generate the best results for you.

Stick to a daily schedule.

Too many agents get in this business and think “wow I can set my own schedule. I can set my own hours. This is going to be great! I can start when I want! I can end the day when I want!That’s the wrong mentality to have. That’s only going to lead to frustration. You’ve got to act like a regular, normal business. Be your own worst boss. You’ve got to set starting times and ending times. You’ve got to have business hours where you’re in the office no later than 8 or 9 o’clock on the phones, making the dials, and doing the things you have to do to generate your business. If you don’t act like it’s a business with a regular schedule, you’re not going to be successful.

Pick up the phone.

Too many agents have what we like to call “phone avoidance syndrome.” They’re doing everything they can to not pick up the phone, not make the calls, not call the past clients, their sphere of influence, or the people that can ultimately be responsible for generating business. They don’t call leads back. They don’t follow up with anybody and as a result, they starve. Starving is not a fun way to live your life. You’ve got to pick up the phone. You’ve got to make the dials and you’ve got to have those conversations that are ultimately going to lead you to the money that you want to make.

Get involved.

When you’re in your community, you’re engaging with people around things that they care about. Here are a few examples of ways to get involved:

  • coaching a little league team
  • being involved in the parks and recreation system
  • serving on community boards
  •  volunteering with community organizations
  •  getting involved with homeowners associations

Whatever it is, you need to meet people where they are and care about the things that they care about. The more involved in your local community you can get, the better. You can’t just turn on online leads. You can’t just work your past clients and your sphere of influence. You’ve always got to be meeting new people and be out engaging with them around the things that they care about. There’s no better way to do that than getting involved in your local community.

Invest in your education.

You can never stop learning. You need to realize that this industry is changing so rapidly that if you’re not keeping up to date on your skills, on what’s happening in the marketplace, or on ways you can better connect with the consumer or the people that you’re trying to serve, you’re going to be left behind. Invest in new training classes. Invest in going to seminars and conferences. Invest in coaching. Whatever it is you need to do to stay ahead of the competition, you’ve got to spend money on.

Don’t get distracted. 

There’s always going to be something else to buy and something else to invest your time or your resources (or waste your time and your resources) into. Just because there’s some new fancy gadget, shiny social network or new app that comes out doesn’t mean you need to spend all your time chasing it. Focus on those few things that matter, that actually generate the business and let everything else go to hell in a hand basket because those are the things that are going to waste your time, waste your energy and waste your resources.

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Thanks for the reminders of what is NOW.

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