Real Estate Marketing (Part 2) - Real Estate Lead Follow-Up - Travis Robertson

Real Estate Marketing (Part 2) – Real Estate Lead Follow-Up

In part 2 of this 5 part series, Coach Travis Robertson shows you how to nurture your leads so that they don’t turn cold. Did you know most agents convert LESS THAN 1% of their online leads? If that’s you, you’re practically handing your business to your competitors. But don’t worry – there is a way to fix this. In this video, I’ll show you how to convert your online (and offline) leads at double digit rates.

Lead Nurturing

So you have real estate leads…now what do you do with them? You have to take care of them! Lead nurturing is where most agents businesses end up breaking down. You get the lead in but then what happens after that? Not a whole lot. Most agents end up chasing the hot 5 percent but that begs the question: what happens to the other ninety-five percent who aren’t hot? Do you have any idea what happens to the other 95 percent? By default, you’re ignoring them! The reality is that you can’t ignore those ninety-five percent of leads that aren’t ready to move forward with you right now. The average internet lead is anywhere from six to 18 months out from being ready to move forward so the question becomes this: what are you gonna do? How are you going to communicate with them until they’re ready to move forward? That’s the key question at this phase. What are you gonna do to communicate with them until they’re ready to move forward?

On average most agents touch their leads anywhere from one to three times before giving up. Unfortunately for them most sales don’t happen until after 8 to 12 different touches so by giving up after 1-3 touches, it puts you at a disadvantage over those who are willing to touch their prospects more frequently.

Create a System

What does this look like? A good lead nurturing system keeps you in front of the people that you’re intending to serve and brings them value on a consistent regular basis. What we encourage you to do is this: when a lead comes in, you almost want to over communicate with them until they get back to you. The biggest problem we have is this: they’re not calling you back or they’re not emailing you back. So how do you avoid that? You keep trying, keep trying and keep trying, like the little engine that could. You don’t give up until you talk to them or until they respond.

Provide Value

There was a great study by What they found is that if you only touch your clients five times, your odds of getting a sale only go up by about 50 percent. After 12 touches it goes up by ninety percent. So you’ve got to be more frequent and more verbal with the people that you’re trying to communicate with. The big question I get asked is this “how much contacting them is too much? At what point do I become a spammer?” Nobody wants to be a spammer. Right? Here’s the thing: if you provide real value, you can’t market too much.

If all you’re doing is talking about yourself, you’re not going to get anywhere. Nobody cares. Who do they care about? Themselves. Right? They’re all tuned into the same station. We’ve heard this: what’s in it for me? Your marketing has to be focused on providing them value an telling them what’s in it for them. Meet their needs, their wants, their desires, their hurts and their pains in your marketing.

I promise you this: they’re never going to ask you to stop and if they do they’re not the right client for you. If only five percent of your leads are hot, it’s now time to develop a consistent, systematized lead nurture follow-up where you’re gonna keep in contact and keep value happening until they’re ready to raise their hand.

If you found this valuable, like the video below. Make sure you comment and leave me any questions you have.

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