3 Steps to Creating Your Real Estate Dream Team - Travis Robertson

3 Steps to Creating Your Real Estate Dream Team

Don’t sacrifice your life for your business! In this video, Travis Robertson shares the three steps to scaling your business without sacrificing your life. Become a master lead generator, develop and implement your systems and build your dream team! Learn how to build a business that supports your life, not a business that runs your life!

Creating Your Dream Team

A truly successful business is one that supports your life, not one that runs it. However, especially in the real estate world, that can seem like a dream. It doesn’t have to be that way! Follow these three steps to scaling your business without sacrificing your life.

As you’re generating more leads, as you’re serving more clients, as you’re helping more people find a home or sell a home, you’re going to get to the point where you can’t do it all.  For some people, it’s 30 transactions, for others it’s forty or fifty transactions.  When you get to that point where you feel like you’re giving up your family time or you’re in that 24 /7, 365, always-on mind set, it’s going to be time for you to start figuring how to scale your real estate business. Follow these three steps.

Become A Master Lead Generator

Number one: become a master lead generators. First and foremost you have to know how to generate more leads than you can handle. Why? Because until you can generate consistent leads, even to the point where you can’t handle them, you never know if you’re gonna have enough leads to support a buyers agent, an assistant or whoever else it is that you want to bring onto your team to take you to that next level.

People always ask “what do I do if I have more leads than I can handle?” Great question. You refer them out. It’s a great way to make a quick 25-30% off of somebody else’s work. That’s what I would encourage you do first: become a master lead generator, generate more leads than you have and refer them out.

Create Systems

When you’re to that point, the second step is this: you want to hire an assistant and build out your systems. The first hire that you’re going to make is that assistant. You’re going to be working on the system’s by putting in a step-by-step process the you take to serve your clients at the level that they have come to expect.

Build Out Your Team

Once you have those systems in place, the third step is to build out your dream team. That’s when you’re going to start bringing in a buyer specialist, a listing specialist, and  filling those gaps around you by bringing other people in. What you’re now able to do is focus more and more on the business itself and less and less on working inside of the business.

Let’s quickly recap. What are the three steps? Number one: you want to become a master lead generator. Generate more leads than you can handle, refer them out, keep your 25 percent. Then you want to go to step two: bringing in an assistant and building out your systems. Once you’ve got your systems in place, it’s time for step three. Start hiring your dream team: buyer specialist, listing specialist, transaction coordinator or an inside sales rep.

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