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3 Core Steps to Building a High Performance Team

If you want to build a high performance team, it’s simple. This process is about as straight forward as it can get. Implement this into your business and get your team built and up and running in no time!

3 Core Steps to Building a High Performance Team

If you want to build a high performance team, there’s only three steps. It’s very straightforward. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. It’s very simple.

Become a Master Lead Generator

You must become a master lead generator. Too many people think, “Well, I don’t have enough leads. I don’t have enough business coming in. I’m going to bring on another agent and they’re going to go out and they’re going to generate leads and then I’m going to get a percentage of the deals they do.”

No you’re not. If they can generate leads without you, they don’t need you. Why most teams fail and why most buyers agents don’t work is if you expect them to prospect. If they knew how to generate leads and knew how to prospect, they wouldn’t even be considering a team because they’d have enough money. They don’t need you at that point.

When you can control your lead flow, you can throttle it up, you can throttle it down, that’s when you’re starting to be ready for a team. But until you can control your lead flow, you’re not ready for a team. You’re not ready because you don’t have the capacity and you don’t have the flow to keep that team fed. Everybody needs to be fed by that team leader. You are the rainmaker and if you’re not making rain, you’re making mist. And we’ve got a problem. You’ve got to be out there making rain and you’ve got to know how to turn on and turn off that lead flow.

Hire an Assistant and Build Out Systems

Now you need to hire an assistant and you build out your systems. Very simple. How many of you love paperwork and details? Probably not very many of you. Look, I have ADHD. Right? I have ADHD so paperwork and me don’t mix. I’m get five minutes into paperwork and I’m like “squirrel!” I can’t pay attention and I’m off on to something else. I’m all over the place.

People who run teams are terrible paperwork people. You should not be a paperwork person. The very first thing you need to do is hire an assistant and then she/he starts building out those systems for you. They’re the ones who lay that groundwork. They’re the ones who put all that in play so that you can go to what you do best, which is sell homes. What we find is that most people that bring on an assistant will grow their income by 50-100% in the first 12 months of bringing that person on! Because that’s the person that’s going to take all that crap work off of your plate. All that junk. All that paperwork. Get it off of your plate and on to somebody else. They build the systems.

Build Your Dream Team

Now once you have the systems, you have the assistant and you’re rocking and rolling, now you build your dream team. Now’s when you start to build out that dream team and bring on the right members. In a future video, I’ll show you exactly how to do this.

But these are the 3 core steps. Become a master lead generator, hire that assistant and you build your systems, then you start creating the team. You start building that dream team and putting it all together. That’s it. Those are the 3 simple steps you need to do to build a high performance team!

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