How To Remove Yourself From a Friend or Family Member’s Email Blasts

I love my family and friends. I also receive hundreds of emails each day between all of my email addresses. So much so that “Inbox 0” seems like a fantasy.

And while I love receiving emails from my family and friends, I don’t like receiving bulky, general emails that don’t really pertain to me.

You know those emails. They arrive with subject lines such as “FW: FW: FW: FW: I know this will brighten up your day!” and usually involve a cheesy drawing of Jesus holding a lamb under an inspirational quote taken from “Chicken Soup for the Sappy Soul.” Of course, to even see it, you have to scroll down for three minutes and read the names of all the other people unfortunate enough to receive a copy before you. To me it reads like an email mafia hit-list with the names of the other victims scratched off.

Unfortunately, emails from family and friends don’t include an anonymous “Remove Me From This List” link. And sending a poorly worded email could ruin a friendship or Thanksgiving dinner. So I’ve crafted an email template that I’m using to effectively remove myself from these types of emails. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful in your circle of relationships.

Hi [Insert Family Member or Friend],

Glad to see you’re doing well! Keep up the great work! [Feel free to tweak the opener accordingly. But start with something positive. Cute kids, dog, etc.]

I’m hoping that you can do me a favor. I receive hundreds of emails each day and I’m working on reducing my load so that I can respond to people in a more timely fashion (I’m about 1-2 weeks behind at any point in time). This includes removing myself from lists and email blasts that aren’t directly related to something I’m actively involved in or working on. My hope is that by doing that, I can keep my email processing to absolute necessities and focus more on my overall life goals.

I would still love to receive occasional updates about how you’re doing, but it would help me a lot if you could remove me from these types of general blasts. Again, please don’t take this as anything other than a diligent effort on my part to keep commitments to my family and friends. You are [a dear friend OR a treasured part of my life] which is why I’m hoping you’ll drop me a little note every now and then a let me know how you’re doing. 🙂

Thanks so much!

[Insert Your Name]

DISCLAIMER: I will not take responsibility for any harmed relationships that result from your use of this email. If someone is offended, they probably suffer from an emotional, chemical or hormonal imbalance. In such an event, tell them you didn’t mean to include them on this email. It was an accident and you love receiving their emails – just not everyone else’s. Then ask for them to resend the one with the inspirational quote and the picture or their dog.

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@PicsWithPanache Reply

Valiant effort! I suppose it's more honest than just deleting, 'tho my friends don't seem to notice and keep on merryly sending.

My family know better!

@PicsWithPanache Reply

Valiant effort! I suppose it's more honest than just deleting, 'tho my friends don't seem to notice and keep on merryly sending.

My family know better!

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